The End of The World: The Empty City

“The Empty City” by Lolon.

“[A story-focused] adventure game where you explore sunken buildings, [overrun] underpasses, flooded streets and a hill overlooking a city with a story to tell.”

“The Empty City” has captivated me for a variety of reasons. Not only that I am a huge fan of the old PlayStation graphics, but also the whole scenario feels just right. At the beginning, we accompany a silent figure dressed in a cloak and watch them picking up a flower. Then we will go with them through the passages of a completely deserted city, where we can see some unique places. A huge pile of flower petals, distant rays of light, abandoned streets and almost crumbling buildings. With these places some questions come along: Why is this city empty? What are the posters about? What is the green fog? It is a mysterious world that holds its secrets and just reveals them in a very subtle way. >>PLAY