The Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam: SNAILS

“SNAILS” by Jesse Hamm.

“Battle giant mutant slugs in this PS1-themed retro throwback of a 3D brawler. […] Heavily inspired by “Nightmare Creatures”, “Fighting Force”, and other action-oriented titles of the PSX-era[.]”

This demo version of a brawler game, created during a gamejam with an amazing theme, evokes the best memories of old PlayStation games in me. The monster snails are so over the top, the combat animations seem like uncontrollable break dance choreographies and the sound as well as the graphic design looks as if it had sprung into our decade straight from the 1990s – in the very best sense! The most fantastic things about this game, however, are for me the video sequences that you should absolutely have seen. I rate this game with four out of four mutated snail mucosae. >>PLAY