The HEART JAM: Duck Jam

“Duck Jam” by Adam WorrellThimz, Grant Brown & BOON.

“[A] flurry of mini-games all lasting 5 seconds each. […] Each game is self independent from each other […]. What keeps them all the games together is the fact that all of them have ducks in it. It’s the one consistent variable in a sea of randomness.”

A group of ducks want to give a concert, but they smashed their instruments accidently. In a newspaper they find the solution for their delicate problem: Doing several odd jobs for cash! That includes proper flirting with a duck lady, winning a duck ninja fight, eating all breadcrumbs on the sea, stealing a golden egg from a castle and many, many more things. It could be simply described as “WarioWare: The weird duck special edition with wonderful pixel art”, so give it a try! >>PLAY