The Icehouse Jam: Don’t Eat the Girl

“Don’t Eat the Girl” by Mélanie Ertaud, Julien Ponsada, Nicolas Fouque, Geoffroy Vincens & Camille Marcos.

“A contemplative undead tries to find his way back his fellow zombies. On the way, he meets a chatty girl…”

I am quite perplexed about the depth with which zombies are portrayed in this interactive novel. Even though the zombie can only express himself with grunting sounds, he has some philosophical thoughts to share about the nature of existence, life and not-life. On one occasion, he finds a little hut in the middle of nowhere. Inside, a violent man and a small girl are residing. The girl is not afraid of the zombie whatsoever, which makes him confused. She also wants him to eat the man, as he beats her sometimes and is in general a mean person. He is hungry for a brain anyway, so that seems like a great possibility. If the player chooses to spare the girl, they will both embark on a journey and have the most uncommon, but also sweet ‘conversations’, which renders “Don’t Eat the Girl” to a refreshing take on the zombie narrative. [PLAY]