The Jam Report: April 2019

This April we recommended 24 entries made for 15 different game jams. Especially the games of the Bitsy Jam with its special teeth theme and the VAMPIRE JAM have shown that they don’t lack bite at all. But all the other recommendations were amazing as well: We can offer you a pinball-roguelike, a time-paradox-pizza-adventure, a murder mystery with cute ghosts, a gardening game with spaceships and a black hole, a text adventure about a lump, a weird, but serious game which states, why neutrality won’t help against fascism at all and so much more. So check them out!

7DRL Challenge 2019

GIF of "Pinball Dungeon"

“Pinball Dungeon” by jtolmar.

You’ll need a supple wrist to successfully take down the Pinball Wizard in this physics-based roguelike.


GIF of "Spooktective"

“Spooktective” by Dylan Clarke, Tyler Marcelis, Tamara Lynch, D’arcy Knock & Cliff Raedel.

A murder mystery in a haunted house, which is filled with cute, helpful ghosts and hidden clues? Here it is!

Anti-fascist Game Jam


“GAMEJAM GAMEJAM” by Pedro Paiva.


Bitsy Jam (Teeth)

GIF of "Dental Record: An Oral History"

“Dental Record: An Oral History” by Noah S. Brown.

Get prepared to learn a thing or two about teeth, fillings and crowns, because the developer of this Bitsy game offers you a look into their dental record.

GIF of "Maw Boys"

“Maw Boys” by Tyler Molz.

Meet the coolest duo of teeth any game ever featured: Teeph and Dentura! Can you persuade and get past them?


“TEETH QUEST” by dumplingsquid.

Do you think that your teeth are not white enough? Do you dislike teeth because of toothaches? Maybe this wholesome Bitsy game will make you see the awesomeness of teeth!

GIF of "Terrortoma"

“Terrortoma” by Freya Campbell.

Many kinds of nightmares and body horror stories involve teeth, just like this special Bitsy game. The protagonist squeezes a spot and suddenly a tooth falls out.

GIF of "Welcome to Tooth Hell"

“Welcome to Tooth Hell” by Tatiana Soutar.

Ever had an awful or bad dentist. back in the time you were a child or a teenager? If yes, you might remember the pain and shame. This jam game is for all of you.

Geta Game Jam 7

GIF of "Cattac"

“Cattac” by Belonzik.

This Sokoban-esque puzzle game features a neat time mechanic: You are allowed to go just a certain amount of tiles and to go back again, which may lead to surprising side effects.

Godot Wild Jam #8

GIF of "Void Garden"

“Void Garden” by Itooh.

Guide spaceships in the void to gain seeds and plant them. The black hole in the center will regard you with its cute smile.

I Can’t Draw But I Want To Make A Game

GIF of "Color Filler"

“Color Filler” by Spicy Overlord.

A well known puzzle concept executed with great level design: Fill the empty spaces in each level with their correlated color.

GIF of "Hobbledehoy"

“Hobbledehoy” by Jen&Sis Productions.

Uměni is a little girl with fantastic writing skills, but the grim reality of her parents struggles get in her way. Her best friend Rabisco wants to change that.

Ludum Dare 44

GIF of "Petite Cuiller"

“Petite Cuiller” by Clémentine Plissonnier.

A visual novel with a dash of “Depression Quest”, which might help you to understand the spoon theory a bit better, awaits you here.

NaNoRenO 2019

GIF of "Dynaeleos"

“Dynaeleos” by IcyValet.

In this audiovisually stunning visual novel, you play as the monster collector Irene. She captures monsters alive for a research foundation. But one day, there’s a breakout.

GIF of "Order A Pizza"

“Order A Pizza” by Rocket Adrift (Lindsay Rollins, Patrick Smith & Titus McNally).

Your daughter Abby hates your new partner Margot, so you all have a pizza night. But something is strange…

Nordic Game Jam 2019

GIF of "1-1"

“1-1” by Alex Williams, Dennis Lorenz, Mattia Traverso & Philipp Bush.

This game features several variations of what the first Super Mario level would look like, if the genre changed.

GIF of "Badminton Saints"

“Badminton Saints” by Arvi Teikari.

Ever participated in badminton fights against spirits of the underworld? Now is your best chance!

GIF of "The Lump"

“The Lump” by Maya McKibbinMurray SomervilleApoorva Joshi & Nathan Manceaux-Panot.

Ever had a lump on your body? If yes, I’m sure you’ve been scared as hell. But maybe… Maybe this lump is different and filled with love?

Pirate Jam 2019

GIF of "Eat the Rich (Black Friday Simulator)"

“Eat the Rich (Black Friday Simulator)” by Evan Greenwood & Luc Wolthers.

This accurate control-a-mob-at-Black-Friday-in-a-Bezos-store simulator will bring you the best anti-capitalistic vibes.

Stencyl Jam #18

GIF of "Up-Nest"

“Up-Nest” by havana24.

A brave little birdie wants to escape a cavern, but numerous monsters and traps are in their way. But the power ups after each level may help them.


GIF of "HankBound"

“HankBound” by SystemLogoff & Willfor.

To protect humanity from the overthrowing by an Artificial Intelligence, you have to please it with Tom Hanks movies. Yeah. You read that right.

GIF of "Time Hanks"

“Time Hanks” by SAGiggs.

This logic puzzle game has one of the best intro sequences in the history of jam games. It also includes some valid critique about movies with Tom Hanks (and some not so valid).


GIF of "Nanowar"

“Nanowar” by Ben James.

The nano robots are up to no good, so it’s your job to finish them off in this bullet hell shooter with its hypnotic, circular level design!


GIF of "Santa Monica By Night"

“Santa Monica By Night” by Outstar & Memoriesin8bit.

In the dark alleys of Los Angeles, vampires try to mind their own business. But not everyone is delighted by their mystical neighbors.