The Jam Report: February 2019

February brought us many amazing game jams, and so we recommended fifty-two entries made for fifteen different jams. There are games about the meaning of love and home, but also best retro hack and lash action, mind-blogging puzzle as well as atmospheric exploration and narrative games. So enjoy the February issue of “The Jam Report”.

5th Alakajam!

GIF of "Misspelled"

“Misspelled” by Alessandro Pezzetti.

You can cast various spells in this magical platformer with its typing mechanics, for example to manipulate your environment, activate buttons or overcome obstacles.

GIF of "You are the Grimoire"

“You are the Grimoire” by Aurel Bílý.

Stay alive for as long as possible in this minigames collection, where each round just lasts two seconds.

6th Kajam

GIF of "Quick Tiles!"

“Quick Tiles!” by Max Pistol.

Be fast and precise when you try to recreate the pattern for each level in this puzzle game. While you just have to remove certain tiles at first, the gameplay will change soon.

Bitsy Jam (Mech)

GIF of "reunion"

“reunion” by caeth.

In the time of war, mass destruction and despair, an old promise may be the only thing that can give you the strength to fight back.

GIF of "Salvage Duty"

“Salvage Duty” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

The mechas are covered in dust, their pilots are long gone, so nothing is left in this place besides some scrap and memories.

GIF of "Terra Mecha"

“Terra Mecha” by Tyler Molz.

After a little incident, the robot Unit G127 gets called to meet with its boss, the Terra Mecha.

Brackeys Game Jam 2019

GIF of "Blind Affection"

“Blind Affection” by BalthyDevs (Balthy, Souei Takumi & Marcus Rocket).

You will need to remember and partly redraw each level, so you can open the door for your love in a dangerous dungeon.

Screenshot of "Follovers"

“Follovers” by Johannes Kutsch & Marcus Meiburg.

This game is the love child of “Frogger” and “Snake”, as you have to grow a line of followers and try to get them over the road. However, certain power-ups will help you on this quest.

GIF of "Heartbeats"

“Heartbeats” by Emmanuel Ah-kouen & Cedric Stoquer.

In this hybrid of a audio puzzle and a narrative exploration game, you have to find your love in an abstract world, where you must listen to your heart.

GIF of "Make a Weird Heart"

“Make a Weird Heart” by Rebecca Harrison.

Craft an heart-shaped present for a strange, emotional monster, while it stares at you during the process.

GIF of "Significant Otter"

“Significant Otter” by Dawid Noras, Wojciech Pojda, Pawet Noras, Monika Kaminiów & Joanna Pawetek.

Two otters are in love with each other, but they are separated, so you have to bring them back together.

GIF of "White Hearts"

“White Hearts” by securas & Mark Sparling.

If you love hearts, enjoy explosions and cannot get enough of platformers with robots, pixel art and sweet tunes, then this is the game you are looking for.

Cosmo D’s Game Jam

GIF of "The Empty Lot (Part 1)"

“The Empty Lot (Part 1)” by Andrew Lewis.

Shane’s father had a stroke and is in a life-threatening state. Both never had a good relationship with each other, but Shane is in charge now; at least kind of.

Flatgame Jam 2018

GIF of "Dream Street"

“Dream Street” by Olivia Haines.

Looking for a new apartment can be extremely exhausting, but in this upcheering game every building is a guaranteed hit.

GIF of "Görli"

“Görli” by lazerwalker.

Take a narrated, wonderfully designed walk through the Görlitzer Park in Berlin and listen to the thoughts of the game’s developer about it.

Garlic Jam

GIF of "Textiling"

“Textiling” by Łukasz Spierewka, Kamila Spierewka & Weronika Grabowska.

In this relaxing puzzle game you have to overlap layers of fabric to create special patterns.

Global Game Jam 2019

GIF of "A Room with a View"

“A Room with a View” by Fleur SciortinoRebecca Portelli, Chelsea Sciortino, Daniel Mercieca, Jamie Phipps & Adrian Abela.

You and your home grow over time, so move furniture around to keep the balance.

GIF of "Akasa"

“Akasa” by Kemaswara Hamdani.

The storm seems to get worse, and the man on the boat seems to hallucinate. Or maybe, just maybe, his ship is haunted. A mysterious tale unfolds in this game.

GIF of "At home"

“At home” by Dir, Lanx, Qixin & Fair.

A short and atmospherical exploration puzzle game about the different impressions regarding the term “home”.

GIF of "Billed to Order"

“Billed to Order” by John Michael Hunt, Patrick Allred, Victor CortesSteve Zapata, Avery Pratt, Edward Lu & Tomas Gomez.

Remember the place of your tools, so you can build the bird houses for your customers.

GIF of "Bitey Balls"

“Bitey Balls” by Lei van Geleuken, Chris Boer, Dennis Verschuur, Stefan Schrijvers &
Zeger Huisman.

A cat and a dog both want the candies in the house. But they should better be cautious not to crush the furniture.

GIF of "BubuBumbu"

“BubuBumbu” by Jon Victor BanklerVania Castagnino.

In this cute wimmelbild game, each object has its certain place where it belongs. Wander around as the missing puzzle piece and complete the game this way.

GIF of "Cornerstone"

“Cornerstone” by Jules Langran, Jak Boulton, Alan Owen, Simone Cicconi, Lauren Stevens & Guilherme Izidro.

Explore this wonderful, strange world and collect the essence crystals.

GIF of "Dumpster Date"

“Dumpster Date” by Allison Lownie, Priscilla Snow, Penelope Evans & Jonathan Levstein.

Dating is hard, especially when you are just a walking brain. Try to convince other single body parts on a dumpster to join you.

GIF of "Find The Red"

“Find The Red” by Wang Jing, Peng YiWen, Tan Ting, Chen Wei, Jiang LingXiao & Li JingQi.

In this short and cute series of puzzles, you have to find all red objects.

GIF of "Fragments"

“Fragments” by Ross Borchers & Kelly McCarter.

Something happened to your home. By strolling around, you will remember some of your memories. That way, you can reconstruct the past.

GIF of "Gonuts"

“Gonuts” by Thomas Schrama, Joppe Min, Baldi Konijn, Matthys van den Berg & Ruben de Graaf.

Winter is coming and your squirrel kids will need food to survive, so hide acorns during the autumn and find them back later.

GIF of "Goodbye, Doggy"

“Goodbye, Doggy” by picogram & Grahm Nesbitt.

The dog of a family passed away, leaving them with grief over its death. But in its ghost form, the cute pet still finds various ways to help them out.

GIF of "Hive Heart"

“Hive Heart” by Gabriel Sanches, Monica Nallin, Davi Ribeiro Soares Silva, Daniel Ribeiro Soares Silva & Elie Abraham.

Build a strong and big colony, while you protect your queen against other bee swarms.


“HJEM” by Amicable AnimalJamesy DownieMarkus BartonSteven McSeveney.

Fill the empty spaces around your home with colored bricks, but do not let three or more of them be direct neighbors.


“HOME” by 39, Varatril, no eat dog & sugoudan.

When you live on your own in a big city, it is easy to get overwhelmed by loneliness. But the sad man in this wonderful rhythm game has a ferret to help him out.

GIF of "Mouse House"

“Mouse House” by Lucie Lescuyer & Alexandre Stroukoff.

One man’s smartphone is a mouse’s home entertainment system: Steal stuff from the humans and use it as furniture for your cozy and adorable mouse apartment.

GIF of "My Friend Cornelius"

“My Friend Cornelius” by Jenny Gibbons, Malcolm Pierce, Jillian Stiles, Chris Maune & Sarah Wahoff.

This funny “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” inspired full motion video game is about a ghost flatmate and another guest.

GIF of "Nothing To Hide"

“Nothing To Hide” by Nina Freeman & Jake Jefferies.

The date between Nina and Jake went quite well, but then Jake would like to see Nina’s flat. There are some awkward items, though.

GIF of "Pagupoidea"

“Pagupoidea” by Charlotte Fries, Paul Lyaudet, Benoit Deneaux, Alexis Sonnier, Loline Bongiraud, Salomé Goré & Bastien Schmit.

To return home, each member of the hermit crab tribe has to use their special abilities.

GIF of "Real Talk"

“Real Talk” by Liam de Valmency & Lisa Devon.

In this typing game, small talk reduces your sense of comfort, but it raises your social points. With those, you can upgrade your house to feel even comfier.

GIF of "Roll Home"

“Roll Home” by Kaveh Tabar, Ben Taylor, Duncan CorriganWayne Petzler.

A building in the making has to collect future inhabitants to become a real home, so roll around and gather all of them in this sweet puzzle game.

GIF of "Shovel Killer CD"

“Shovel Killer CD” by Shaun Mitchell, Hannah Watts, Bryn Morrison-Elliott, Simon James, Flint, Jorden Hildrew, Sophie Smart, Rhys Price, Tom Elliott, Jake Rowe & Max Charnock.

A full motion video game straight awaits you, where you have to find out more about the origins and whereabouts of the mysterious Shovel Killer.

GIF of "Spiraling Out"

“Spiraling Out” by Alex Massé, Jérémie Tessier, Philippe Rosa-Pong, Olivier Bolduc, Rachel D’Amours.

A little snail is looking for its place in the world and finds new shells as well as homes on its wild and pun-filled journey.

GIF of "Terrarium"

“Terrarium” by Alison Huang, Jaris Rener, Matt Schenkel, Jacob Leaney, Minh Tran & Nik Pantis.

Create a wonderfully structured garden or a pure mess made out of flowers and decoration objects in this simulator.

GIF of "Wanderlust"

“Wanderlust” by William Dumont, Kevin Brousseau, Andréanne Bédard, Julien Vézina & Nathan Sioui.

After an hiking tour, your friend guides you to your campfire via a walkie-talkie, but it gets late and dangerous.

GIF of "Wandows 95"

“Wandows 95” by Robbie Fraser, Melissa Kahn & John Withers.

Who does not know about the joyful task of fixing your parents’ computer. However, this one runs on an ancient operating system and there are some other problems with it.

GIF of "Welcome Back"

“Welcome Back” by Rodain Joubert.

The developer of this game interviewed several people about important parts of their identity like mental health and gender. Those text passages then got transformed into a ludic form.

GIF of "Yellow Door"

“Yellow Door” by Michal BerlingerLukáš Kunce, Jan Netušil & Adam Berlinger.

Something must have happened in this house, something involving you, something awful. But what is it? Find out for yourself in this surrealistic and atmospheric story.

JamDNA 4

GIF of "Fortune Finder"

“Fortune Finder” by ATA_Games.

While you search for the keys to unlock the sanctuary on the graveyard and thereby the treasure, an evil spirit haunts you.

LÖVE Jam 2019

GIF of "Static Sock"

“Static Sock” by DigitPenguin.

By rubbing on the floor, the mighty sock can build up an energy attack to zap all the nasty birds.

Palette Jam 1

GIF of "Driller"

“Driller” by Ben James.

Dig your way through the ground to collect all the oil, but be aware of the monsters. They are able to attack your whole device except the top. With it, you are able to fight back.

Pixel Art Game 1M

Screenshot of "Xana"

“Xana” by Sepia Mage.

Throw ropes to get to the other sides of the levels and cut them again, because you can only carry three of them at one time in this great puzzle platformer.

Space Bunny Jam

GIF of "A Month to look at the Moon"

“A Month to look at the Moon 🌕” by Lenny Magner.

You are on a mission to observe the moon for a month. Your partner sends you cute emails, so you hopefully do not get too homesick in that time.

Surprise Pizza Jam

GIF of "Antiban"

“Antiban” by Egor Dorichev.

This jam game takes a different approach on the popular puzzle game “Sokoban” by transforming the pushing into pulling mechanics.

TV Game Jam

GIF of "Samurai Sam"

“Samurai Sam” by securas, Mark Sparling & DBR.

Hack and slash meets clever level design, pixel art, great music and enormous monster bugs in this “Samurai Jack” tribute game.

GIF of "Seven Days in Purgatory"

“Seven Days in Purgatory” by kypello & scowsh.

In this “Papers, Please”-like game, you play as Death’s intern and must decide if recently deceased people belong to the Good Place or Bad Place.