The Jam Report: January 2019

The first issue of “The Jam Report” in the year 2019 features 22 games made for 16 different jams, so expect some excellent variation here! Feeling nostalgic and looking for games based on the movie “Die Hard”, the “Tomb Raider” series or retro graphics? We got you covered. You want to play personal stories and insights? Yup, we’ve got that too. Or hey, are you up for a combination of time travel and cooking mechanics? No problem at all, you just have to take a quick look at our recommendations for January 2019.

Awful Holiday Jam 2018

GIF of "Festive Feast"

“Festive Feast” by SystemLogoff.

It’s your turn to cook the dinner for the holidays, but all your ingredients are trash. Don’t worry: The ghosts of holiday past, present and future will help you out.

Bitsy Jam (Tarot)

Chapter IV: Bring Me a Sword

“Chapter IV: Bring Me a Sword” by caeth.

Go through the dungeon and face its ten trials, if you dare. A tarot inspired Bitsy adventure with puzzle and maze elements.

GIF of "End Year Reading"

“End of Year Reading” by Luna.

This Bitsy game is a deeply personal review of its developer on their year 2018. It was harsh, because their brother passed away in October, but there is also hope.

GIF of "Life Diviner"

“Life Diviner” by Noah S. Brown.

Pick some tarot cards to determine the present, past, future, obstacles as well as the outcome your character has to deal with, and then discover their story. Magnificent!

Bored Pixels Jam 3

GIF of "Gull"

“Gull” by Juupeli.

This seagull is hungry and tries to catch every bit of food that’s thrown into the air. But it must avoid the balloons, because they will weaken their flying ability.


“SUITE SNAKE” by tonyfinale.

In this colorful reinterpretation of “Snake”, your character can shrink again by eating four of the same symbols in a row. But keep the countdown in mind!

GIF of "Untitled GB Game"

“Untitled GB Game” by Chris Maltby.

A young game developer is in search for a good jam game concept, but nothing comes to their mind. Maybe a shadowy figure and a good night’s sleep can help them out.


GIF of "Goodbye BURGER CITY"

“Goodbye BURGER CITY” by Sweet Heart Squad (Ian Martin & Sean S. LeBlanc).

Fancy a trip to BURGER CITY? The city where everything is made of burgers, citizen are burgers, where the burger laws apply!

Chill Jam 2018-19

GIF of "Aurora Railway"

“Aurora Railway” by Henry Stadolnik.

A little penguin tries to occupy their own mind on a train ride with a children’s game. But the stranger in their compartment has something sweet and important to say to them.

Finally Finish Something 2019

GIF of "航空史"

“航空史” by Steven Harmon.

A short journey into the aviation history awaits you in this audiovisually amazing pinball game.

Global Game Jam 2019

GIF of "What is homie to you?"

“What is homie to you?” by Isabella Sørensen Skorpen, Liam Sorta, Haakon Tancred Jenssen & Julie Nagell Hagen.

Yooo, my dude, get ready for a hardcore battle! A battle of compliments! May the sweetest phrases win.

Minecraft Jam

GIF of "Bitsy Blocks"

“Bitsy Blocks” by Emma Daues.

This Bitsy game is not just a lovely nod to the social aspects of “Minecraft”, but also to the whole Bitsy community. A cute exploration game.

Mini Jam 19


“MODERN MISTERI MIRROR” by frescogusto.

A shooter and a card game in one: Whenever you kill off one of the big-eyed monsters, you’ll get a random card, which can be used to play against the old man.

Philosophy Game Jam

GIF of "Judge Jury Executioner"

“Judge Jury Executioner” by BoomBren.

In this court simulator you can either acquit someone or sentence them to death. To make your decision, you must apply the (changing) morality of your king.


GIF of "Homeward Bound"

“Homeward Bound” by Sweet Heart Squad (Ian Martin & Sean S. LeBlanc).

Based on film with the same name from 1923, this game tells the story of seven strangers on a ship. A mysterious short adventure.

Tomb Raider Jam

GIF of "Minimal Raider"

“Minimal Raider” by Tim Hengeveld.

This little tribute to the “Tomb Raider” franchise focuses on the most important parts of the games: Exploration, climbing and death traps.

tortle jam

GIF of "Turtle Skipping"

“Turtle Skipping” by Adam Pype.

Fish a few turtles out of the ocean and then hurl them back into the sea like little stones, so that they bounce on it as often as possible and maybe explode. Wait, what.

umby jam

GIF of "genderfluid tiefling"

“genderfluid tiefling” by Luna.

Dress up your character to explore all the different ways how specific clothes and styles can be used to express the own gender identity.

GIF of "shoppigeons"

“shoppigeons” by ⁿᶦⁿᵃ.

The dove Aya and their mother are on a little shopping tour. But Aya doesn’t feel really comfortable with their mom’s expectations… Can it work out anyway?

Weekly Game Jam 81

GIF of "Word Worm"

“Word Worm” by Ben James.

Don’t let the poor word worm get crushed! To avoid its death, you have to find letter combinations that form words. The letter blocks will disappear then.

Wizard Jam 8

GIF of "A Christmas Blast"

“A Christmas Blast” by Will Stacey.

This “Wario Ware”-like mini games collection is a reminiscence of, ummm, ‘key scenes’ in “Die Hard”. Yippee-ka-yay, jam game favers!

GIF of "Palpable Dreams"

“Palpable Dreams” by Tomi.

Try to locate out anomalies in your world like holes and attractors by controlling particle groups of a swarm in this minimalistic, but stunning puzzle game.