The Jam Report: March 2019

Another month passed by, and the March brought us 25 new recommendations made for 13 different game jams. Some of the most popular annual jams like the 7DRL Challenge and the NaNoRenO 2019 led us to unconventional love stories, to mysterious dungeons and, oh well, even to shopping malls. At the same time, we got teased by the best cosplay café management simulation around thanks to a Strawberry Jam 3 game, we gathered new knowledge about snails with the help of the last Bitsy Jam and cried a little after one special Train Jam 2019 game. But hey, now it’s time for you to find your own favorite.

7DRL Challenge 2019

GIF of "Forward"

“Forward” by Citron Curieux.

There’s just one way: Forward. But the path you choose can still differ. Will you be greedy and collect all the gold, will you be brave and fight all the monsters? Your choice.

GIF of "Lord Of The Mall (Lord Of Them All!)"

“Lord Of The Mall (Lord Of Them All!)” by Andrew Wang.

Wander in the safety of the shopping mall as a senior citizen to buy upgrades or fight against the dungeon goblins as a mighty wizard!


“PAWNBARIAN” by j4nw.

On a five tiles wide and five tiles high chess board, ninjas, orcs and exploding parasite thingies wait to be slayed by your hands. But you can only use two chess moves per turn.

GIF of "Skyrogue"

“Skyrogue” by Malcolm Brown.

Steal all the shiny coins and treasures on an airship packed up with guards. Don’t get caught in this PICO-8 stealth-roguelike with beautiful pixel art.

GIF of "SlayHack"

“SlayHack” by Wisedawn.

Dive deeper into the hellish dungeon, where you have to fight against imps, golems and other creatures. At the same time, build up your deck with attack and support cards.


“TINAR-L” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

Every now and then a jam game is unfinished in the end. That can be very unsatisfying, but it’s okay and an basic part of jams. This non-roguelike will tell you about it.

Bitsy Jam (Snails)

GIF of "A Field Guide to the Snails of Scull-in-the-Mud"

“A Field Guide to the Snails of Scull-in-the-Mud” by dumplingsquid.

Explore all of the 18 field guide entries about your favorite fictional snails!

GIF of "a snail's journey"

“a snail’s journey” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

E v e n 🐌
a s n a i l 🐌
s o m e t i m e s 🐌
n e e d s a b r e a k . 🐌

GIF of "A Snail Writes to Mother"

“A Snail Writes to Mother” by Eldridge Misnomer.

This game gives a new interpretation to the term ‘snail mail’. A short story about the meaning of time and what we do with it.

GIF of "Shelled"

“Shelled” by Adriano Gomes da Silva.

A snail shell can be a metaphor for many things: A home, a prison, a constant pattern against the cosmical chaos, a whirlwind of the mind. Find out what it means here.

GIF of "Snail Detective"

“Snail Detective” by Sarah Carter.

The hotel manager was murdered, but who was the killer? A crime story about secret love, hidden identities, revenge and pasta sauce. Wait, what?


GIF of "Eye Contact"

“Eye Contact” by Steven Miller.

In this puzzle game you have to push eyeballs into sockets, while they have to look outwards to you, the player. But your character can only walk on the path they reveal.

Extra Credits Game Jam #3

GIF of "Day / Night"

“Day / Night” by Black Dog Serenade.

Collect all the orbs in each stage at daylight, but avoid them at night, so you don’t lose any health points. By changing your lane, you also change your speed.

JamDNA 6

GIF of "DANGER: Destruction Site"

“DANGER: Destruction Site” by ThanielPIN.

This construction worker has enough, so they daydream about destroying their whole workspace, annoying colleagues and supervisors.

Mini Jam 23

GIF of "One Minute to Die"

“One Minute to Die” by reedsx20.

Engage in a race against time! Never before the word ‘deadline’ was more fitting! Time is coming for you! …Okay, I’ll show myself out.

NaNoRenO 2019


“A HERO AND A GARDEN” by npckc & sdhizumi.

Cyrus just wanted to save the princess, but he got caught by the witch and now must reconstruct the monster city he destroyed by growing and sell berries.

GIF of "Cooked with Love"

“Cooked with Love” by STARDUST★SODA ​(juliechewley & Yam Farm).

Save your date by combining your leftover ingredients in the most clever way or just let the evening find its own way.

GIF of "Contract Demon"

“Contract Demon” by Nami.

A demon and an angel – in love?! That can’t be a thing in the Netherworld, can it?! Well, now it’s your turn to find out by playing this cute visual novel!

notGDCJam 2019


“FOMO” by Ryan Pocock.

Attending the GDC might be exciting for aspiring game developers, but often one thing stands in their way: Money. In this game, you sell your stuff to attend the conference.

Pizza Jam


“ORUL” by Egor Dorichev.

Enjoy this short and juicy puzzle platformer with its neat mirror game mechanics, dark or bright color palettes as well as beautiful pixel art.


GIF of "Sheila and the 7 gates to Hell"

“Sheila and the 7 gates to Hell” by hankworx.

They wanted to see if the rumors about the seven gates are true and what happened to their friend. Turns out that truth and weirdness go well together.



“JANGA” by Concrete Games (Tomavatars, MatLab, Monf & Le_Mauvais_Joueur).

Plant trees, create giant bubbles or build up concretes to glide through the air. Just collect the pipes and off you go!

Strawberry Jam 3

GIF of "Cosplay Café"

“Cosplay Café” by Whales and Games (Jorge M. Carvalho, José Sánchez, Robin Couwenberg & Henry Smith).

Run the finest kink and cosplay café ever in this management-sim-visual-novel. Decorate your café and sell new drinks!

Train Jam 2019

GIF of "bark bark bark"

“bark bark bark” by Ben Burbank.

For many, their pet is an elemental part of their life. This small Bitsy game tells about the joys, but also the sad moments you experience with a beloved animal.

GIF of "Kiki Goes Home"

“Kiki Goes Home” by Jane Ng.

Accompany Kiki on her way home, which she is allowed to walk on her own for the very first time. Maybe you will also discover some little wonders hidden in the woods.