tiny TV jam: Treasure Chest #12

What’s a “Treasure Chest” article?

It’s a short text and video compilation of three to five small jam games we really liked for some reason (like core concept, artwork, effort etc.).

Screenshot of "Acid Cube"

“Acid Cube” by Benjamin Soule.

A nice little puzzle game, where you have to stick the gem pixels from the border together to get points by deleting them with the help of acid pixels.

Screenshot of "Jigsaw TV"

“Jigsaw TV” by Umut Dervis.

If you’re up for some classic jigsaw puzzles, then this game might be just what you need. Lovely color palettes and some nice motifs.

Screenshot of "Jump Pixies"

“Jump Pixies” by enargy.

An attempt to make a functional PICO-8-Super-Mario-demake. It’s still a bit buggy, but I really dig the idea so far. Made