TOJam 2020: moving mosaic

“moving mosaic” by Cale Bradbury & Connor Bell.

“[A] tiling transmuting tribute[.]”

“moving mosaic” is a very accurate title for this puzzle game, as in each single stage the whole mosaic motif will be in a constantly transformative state. This concept adds not only a psychedelic vibe to the experience itself, as it also makes the puzzle itself more difficult, because you have to keep up a high degree of concentration.

It does not matter if a scene shows dozens of green and violet donuts moving from the back to the front or if it looks like a steadily shifting cross section recording of a human brain – each puzzle of “moving mosaic” is challenging. The motifs are split into fragments, which have to rearranged in the correct order. When the solution is found, the black borders around all tiles will fade away and an arrow leading to the next stage appears. Take a deep breath and get ready for one of the most intense, but also calming puzzle experiences of your life. [PLAY]