Train Jam 2017: Definitely Real Football

“Definitely Real Football” by Jonathan Rousseau, Ariel Contreras-Esquivel, Connor Halford, Julien Berthou & Alex Dixon.

“Play normal football against a friend. First to [three] goals wins!”

Nothing is normal about that turn- and luck-based strategy sports game. You and another player (or yourself, who cares, as it is fun anyway) take turns and must decide for one out of three randomly offered character types. This way you can build a wall of defending soccer players or an attractor, who will take the ball whenever it is in their reach, or you can place a detractor, a normal kicker or simply buy yourself some extra time or even delete an opponent with a straight red card et cetera. All those possibilities are crazy and make “Definitely Real Football” the wackiest sports game since the “Karate Basketball” in my books. >>PLAY