trans gal jam 2: The Tour

“The Tour” by AzzyGames, Serrated Skies, Glassy, Chloe Stratton, Lydia & Katie.

“A virtual museum of identity and [self-reflection.] Content [warning: themes of gender dysphoria, depression] and [suicidal thoughts.]”

Important note:
If you have suicidal thoughts, please get psychological help! Talk to friends, relatives or with someone from the telephone counseling, suicide prevention / suicide crisis hotlines of your country. There is always someone who can help you.

One way to portray yourself, your own feelings and thoughts in a game is to create an avatar that resembles yourself. However, another, maybe even more exciting way to do that is to transform the entire game world into a personal space. The development team of “The Tour” followed this path, creating a virtual museum as an illustration of their own personality.

As a player, we can discover many portraits and drawings of the character Azzy in there, and every now and then we can hear her voice as she talks about her passion, her thoughts, but also herself. About her bad days, her good days, her despair, about her inner peace, her depression, but also her ambition and love. Some of these personality fragments are right on the way, others have to be discovered first. Some obstacles just exist in our heads, and if you take the time to analyze them more closely, you may be able to overcome them. All of this makes “The Tour” a wonderful exploration experience about the disruption of the human psyche and hope. >>PLAY