Unicorn Game Jam: Cutie Unicorn

“Cutie Unicorn” by Greynvi.

“[A] lovely little adventure through a secret forest!”

Awww, isn’t it lovely? Have fun in the forest! Collect apples, oranges and donuts! Talk a bit with your cute, cuddly friends! Kill Satan and God! Wait, what?

“Cutie Unicorn” is a short altgame, which breaks with the expectations of its players. It establishs a sweet world setting with (sometimes too) adorable characters, just to destroy it all in the next moment – and to build it up once again. What I find pretty interesting is the fact, that many jam games which are about pony / unicorn characters, go such an unconventional way: Just think about “Pony Island” or “A Friendly Venture”, hmhmhm…