Weekly Game Jam 116: Golf is a blast

“Golf is a blast” by havana24.

“[A] golf-puzzle game where you need to detonate bombs in time in order to sho[o]t the […] ball.”

I have to admit, that I love golf games with a wacky premise. That’s why “Golf is a blast” with its bomb-detonating core mechanic really got me. It’s silly fun to demolish obstacles with the explosives or to give the little ball a bit of extra speed by them. That concept in combination with a good level design make this jam entry a very entertaining one.

On twelve courses you will be able to prove your timing ability to show off that you can finish the whole game with a score lower than the overall par. It’s intriguing to replay “Golf is a blast”, as you will get better and better with each playthrough. So grab your golf club and protective helmet and then give it a try for yourself! >>PLAY