Weekly Game Jam 130: Strandead

“Strandead” by pncet.

“Try[, die, use your dead clones, repeat[.]”

“Strandead” is a puzzle platformer, which looks like it was made with PICO-8, but it is actually an Unity game. Anyway, I do not want to talk too much about the surface of this neat jam entry, instead I would like to give you an insight about its mechanics! What you have to do in each level is to open the treasure chest with the help of a golden key. The catch is that most stages are designed in such a way that you have to sacrifice yourself by running into the spikes. While you control a new clone of yourself afterwards, your corpse will then be lying on the same spot where you passed before.

But the body is a movable object, which allows you to overcome obstacles or to jump to recently unaccessible platforms. And while this dying mechanic is often useful, it can be a blessing or a curse. For example, when you let one of your deceased selfs slide into a narrow corridor, you might not be able to reach the key or exit anymore.

A fun way to play “Strandead” is to run through it with the lowest amount of deaths possible. While the jam entry itself does not count it, the level and puzzle design itself still is a great motivation to do that. So take some minutes off and get ready to die. [PLAY]