Weekly Game Jam 134: Screwy & Magny

“Screwy & Magny” by CatalinN1.

“Help Screwy and Magny get as far as possible in this fun infinite runner game!”

“Screwy & Magny” is an endless runner game, where you have to control two characters at the same time. While you are able to move the magnet character in a direct manner, you can only indirectly control the screw figure by lifting it with the help of the floating magnet and letting it go again. This concept is simple, but makes the game difficult in a very satisfying way, as flying screwdrivers and raging hammers will try to attack both of the characters. Screwy and Magny each have three life points, and when the health bar of one of them goes to zero, it means game over for you. So you have to think strategically and react fast, to collect the most golden bolts and travel the longest possible distance. [PLAY]