Wowie Jam 2.0: Outer Bounds

“Outer Bounds” by waterlemon.

“Push yourself out of solids by disabling and enabling collisions and gain huge momentum in order to clear gaps and obstacles while avoiding deadly lasers. [The game] takes a glitch found in games where if a player gets stuck in a solid, the game tries to push them out. This bug is used as the main mechanic in the game.”

Collision errors are one of the most annoying glitches of them all, but especially for speedrunning purposes they are actually very useful. That could be the reason why the gameplay of “Outer Bounds” uses them as the main mechanic: Instead of regular jumping, you have to let your character ‘fall’ into the platforms, causing a collision error and make them clip out of the bounds to let them fly around.

With that ability, it is easy to play “Outer Bounds” as a speedrun challenge. Try to get through the whole course as fast as possible without getting grilled by the laser traps. The intentionally implemented bug proves to be a juicy, fun mechanic and makes this jam submission a rather short, but very enjoyable experience. [PLAY]