Wowie Jam 2.0: Tip of the Icebug

“Tip of the Icebug” by Jon Topielski.

“[A cute] little puzzle game about a bug stuck in a cold place[.]”

The insect Bitly finds itself back in a bitingly cold place, so it is looking for the sun to warm up again. As the player, it is your task to guide Bitly to the desired rays of light. However, “Tip of the Icebug” is inspired by the famous puzzle game “Baba Is You”, and thereby this jam submission likes to play around with the expectations of its audience a bit! In nine levels, you will not only control the freezing bug, but also the sun itself or a line of blocks. These suddenly appearing changes in the puzzle design led to some sweet surprising moments for me, resulting in several grins. [PLAY]