Wowie Jam 3.0: Don’t Get The Job

“Don’t Get The Job” by River Forge Games, Yannick Pawils & Bonicle.

“Your recruiter has accidentally set up an interview with some crazy people at a company called The Forum! Your task is simple, just go through the motions and whatever you do, [do not] get the job. But as it turns out, [that is] a bit harder than you [might have] originally thought.”

Have you ever been in the situation where you applied for a job and knew after the first second of the interview that there was no way you wanted to work at that firm? In “Don’t Get The Job” you will have to hold three job interviews with the different department heads of the ominous company The Forum. Since your headhunter already warned you about them, you have to do everything you can to avoid getting the job.

Each of the three mini-chiefs will go through the same questionnaire with you. For each question, you can give one of four predefined answers. Each answer will elicit a different response from each department head. Using deduction skills and perceptiveness, you will have to assess what makes the three different characters tick. To do this, you will have to take into account the audiovisual cues – that is, the sound of their voice and their facial expressions – that they give after each answer.

This intuitive gameplay concept combined with the wonderfully wacky character designs make “Don’t Get The Job” a great little puzzle game. In addition, The Forum is a nod to a metroidvania called “Glitcheon” that the three developers are currently working on and for which they recently released a demo version. So if their jam submission has made you curious about what else is hiding in those monitor heads, you should jump at the chance to check it out as well. [PLAY]