Wowie Jam 3.0: Mother Chef: The Musical!

“Mother Chef: The Musical!” by Daniel Foutz.

“Help Mother Chef cook delicious food […] for [the customer]! Listen closely to the order and pick the right ingredients!”

“Mother Chef: The Musical!” is certainly a strange jam game, but it should be a unique spectacle for friends of semi-professional pseudo-musicals as well as lovers of the self-referential humor of “Rick and Morty” at the same time. And who would have thought: It fits my tastes excellently!

Our only task is to finish three meals for a special customer. The latter delivers each order in the form of a qualitatively rather amateurish, but always amusing song. If you think this is already unusual, your head will probably explode in the next step, because afterwards all the ingredients go to the titular Mother Chef. She simply eats the ingredients and then gives birth to a food baby nine months later, whose upper body, head and eyes are made of the desired dishes. Yes, you read that right. There is also a – barely hidden – ‘secret’ ending, but you will find that one for yourself. Bon appetit! [PLAY]