“Wunderdoktor” by Konstantin KopkaPhilip Feller.

“Step into the role of the Wunderdoktor, a traveling doctor whose daily work is to cure rare and exotic diseases. Explore a world full of quackery, ghosts and addictive potions.”

In April 2014, Konstantin Kopka created a wonderfully charming and pretty short puzzle game titled “Wunderheilung” for the Ludum Dare 29. There you spent some minutes looking at your whimsical patients with a magnifying glass to discover their illnesses – a dropped out eye there, a giant blister there, the usual stuff. “Wunderheilung” overall scored the 185th place of nearly 2.500 entries. Since then, I always waited for a new jam entry by Konstantin, but there came nothing. For a good reason, though: In October 2017 he published with his friend Philip Feller a complete, full-length release of “Wunderheilung” with a new title: “Wunderdoktor”.

Basically, it’s still the same game: You have to cure your patients. But damn… They added so many different kinds of sicknesses, treatments, patients and secrets! 125 persons and creatures are waiting for your curing abilities: Play a melody with the teeth of a patient to discover the true symptoms of his suffering, remove the diamond skin of a poor miner with a grotesque cutting instrument, drag dropped eyes into the sockets again, replace missing hands with broccoli and much more! Every illness can be healed in “Wunderdoktor”!

Also, you will be the witness of a lovely background story: The so called Quacks – a bunch of sinister ravens – have the goal of selling high priced and very addictive potions. Those neo capitalist birds are your enemies in the game, because they don’t want their patients to be completely healed by you. Instead they want the people to feel better for a short bit and then get sick again.

Screenshot of "Wunderdoktor"

Join the journey of the “Wunderdoktor” and his assistent golem Stein in five different worlds and meet vegetable people, criminal shark gangs, hard working miners, hypochondriacs and scared patients! Fixate them, feed them pills, cut them open, burst their blisters, take care of worms and flies! It’s quite unbelievable how much unique content gets place in the roundabout three hour long game.

But besides all that praise there’s also a little criticism that I’d like to add: In its best moments, “Wunderdoktor” is a lovely mixture between “Cuphead” and “Surgeon Simulator”, because it combines a very beautiful, uncommon audiovisual representation with some challenging, timing-based gameplay. But exactly that can be quite difficult, even frustrating. For some patients you’ll need several attempts to heal them, hell, for the last one I needed over 25 minutes! If that scares you off, then please allow me to tell you that “Wunderdoktor” isn’t too punishing in the long run: When you tried to cure a single patient very often, the game recognizes it and gives you the chance to increase your curing time. This way you’ll be able to finish the game on your own for sure. >>PLAY

Disclosure: Konstantin Kopka sent a free Steam key to Sebastian Standke as a little thank you for his article about “Wunderheilung”, which was originally published on our predecessor platform gamejamcurator in 2015.