Indies For Hire: Bryan DePuy

Bryan in a nutshell:

“I am a white queer artist living in Toronto, Canada. I’m originally from the Washington, DC area, where I cut my teeth in the political punk/DIY scene as an activist, musician, and audio engineer. I aspire to deepen the values of creative diversity, mutual aid, and resistance to hegemony that I learned in these spaces.”

Screenshots of games Bryan worked on:

Bryan’s skill set:

“I’ve been co/developing offbeat, narrative-driven indie games since 2013. I also have many years of experience as an audio engineer (music and voice-over), in hardware and software quality assurance, and as a freelance web designer/developer.

I’ve touched almost every part of the development process, but mechanical/narrative design, scripting (Lua, GML, C#, some JS), and audio engineering are my strongest skill sets. I prefer open-source tools, code-centric frameworks, and a sustainable balance of good vs. done.”

Some projects Bryan worked or works on:

What people say about Bryan’s work:

“In mechanical terms, Bit Rat: Singularity initially looks like a simple block-rotating game in the vein of Pipe Dream, but there’s a surprising amount of depth to the game thanks to a variety of carefully considered and interlocking gameplay systems.”

(Quote from an article written by Dominic Tarason, contributor for Rock Paper Shotgun,
about “BIT RAT : Singularity”, source)

“[A] stylish and polished pixelated adventure! We saw Bit Rat: Singularity at last year’s Indiecade and were struck by just how good the game looked and felt. […] You’re forced to think of tiles as not just power lines but vents, places for humans and rats, and more as the game progresses.”

(Quote from an article written by Spencer Hayes, Director of Business and Content on,
about “BIT RAT : Singularity”, source)

Bryan’s pricing model:

“I’m willing to consider any project that offers reasonable compensation for my labor and expertise. In general, I am more concerned with the culture and values of a studio/project than the associated paycheck. That said, I am not able to work for “shares” of a project or under any other deferred-payment model.”

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