Indies For Hire: Filipe Monteiro

Filipe in a nutshell:

“From 2011 to 2015 I ran a YouTube channel called ockpii where I uploaded regular playthrough videos, but also created indie game content such as analyses of screenshots or videos for games that hadn’t been released yet (such as “Starbound”, “Castle Story” and “Cube World”). Here my style was more towards the analytical and speculative, as you can see in the most recent video of this sort. I also did original motion graphics work and design for the channel throughout its three different visual stages, along with research work and vocal recording. When I stopped making videos I had close to 9.000 subscribers and my most watched video had over 100.000 views, which I am still proud of.

I love video games, and grew up playing games like “NiGHTS into Dreams…” and “The Legend of Zelda” titles. Throughout the years I’ve kept finding video games to be one of the most amazing ways to tell a story. And that is what I love to do through music and other art forms I get to practice: Telling stories. I also own a small collection of musical instruments like a piano, a guitar, a mandolin and various wind instruments like flutes and ocarinas.”

Some photographs taken and illustrations created by Filipe:

Filipe’s skill set:

“I’ve been writing music for about 13 years now. Starting from folk guitar pieces, moving onto jazz piano, and eventually a big variety of instruments. I write mainly neo-classical pieces with some hybrid elements, but I also love all kinds of genres. In my portfolio you’ll also find synthwave-esque sounds, ambient, orchestral, folk, and more.”

Some projects Filipe worked or works on:

  • original score for the Ludum Dare 46 submission “HareFare”
  • “framed minutes”, since 2020 – a soundtrack-photography project featuring original music and photography work
  • “miniminutes”, released 2018 – album project including fully original score and hand-drawn digital illustrations
  • trailer score for the upcoming game “Woodbound” by Christian Sparks, created in 2018
  • an untitled mobile game for asthmatic children with the goal of improving their breathing habits, released 2018 for a private University study – original sounds and music score
  • “Dreamstate Sketches”, released 2016 – album project where I composed, recorded, edited all the music, audio (except a few nature ambiance sounds I didn’t record myself) and original visual content (except a free font)

Filipe’s pricing model:

“I’m available to work on any project that I feel I can add to in a positive and constructive way. Typically I charge per minute of music and I am open to negotiate specifics based on my pre-existing rates.”

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