Indies For Hire: Luis Díaz Peralta

Luis in a nutshell:

“I work as a Regional Organizer for Global Game Jam and release small games every one to two months. I have been organizing local meetups for years and I’m also used to doing workshops and talks. I’m interested in all kinds of games, from small experimental works to more traditional projects.”

Screenshots of games Luis worked on:

Luis’ skill set:

“I’m a general game designer that has spent a lot of time with puzzles, 2D level design and quest creation for a big open-world game. I’m experienced with visual programming and I can prototype games on my own. I’m also very interested in procedural generation and dynamic systems. I have also done some public relations, community management and production in the past.”

Some projects Luis worked or works on:

What people say about Luis’ work:

“One of the finest examples I’ve caught of that this year at Rezzed is when I stumbled accross Pokey Dokey Paradise in the Leftfield room. […] With the full complement of nine players, it’s hilarious, manic fun[.]”

(Quote from an article written by the team of Eurogamer
about their favorite games displayed at the EGX Rezzed 2019, source)

“Waiting in the Sky was originally made by Luis Díaz Peralta, Rubén Calles, and Celer Gutiérrez Dávila, for LocusJam […]. The goal was to make games that captured specific places and feelings, and when measured under those criteria, Waiting in the Sky is unarguably successful. It isn’t just the art and theme of the game that creates such a vivid moment in time, either—if nostalgia could be put into music, it would surely have the same bittersweet piano notes, the strings plucked like raindrops.”

(Quote from an article written by Roy Graham, author for Kill Screen,
about “Waiting in the Sky”, source)

“”Pong” is one of the most famous video games ever and often got used as an inspiration for jam submissions and other smaller titles. Many times developers added a little twist to the core mechanic or combined it with other popular games like “Tetris”. Luis Díaz Peralta added not just one new feature to this premise, but the stunning amount of 30 different modifiers. For each new round of “it’s like pong BUT” three of this modifiers get mixed up and create a very special, often amusing rule set.”

(Quote from an article written by Sebastian Standke
about “it’s like pong BUT”, source)

Luis’ pricing model:

“I can be hired for hours, days or longer periods. My rates depend on the requirements of the task.”

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