Indies For Hire: Malo Dalmier

Malo in a nutshell:

“My name is Malo and I am a game designer by heart! When I am not making games, I also happen to be a stand-up comedian. Comedy is a big part of my life and work, as most of my game design works include comedic aspects in some way or another. I want to write and design jokes for people’s games! But of course I am available for other jobs too – just reach out to me!”

Screenshots of games Malo worked on:

Malo’s skill set:

  • game design
  • game balancing
  • level design
  • narrative design
  • design consultation

Some projects Malo worked or works on:

What people say about Malo’s work:

“This game is a real joy just to explore thanks to the way it borrows from the style of children’s drawings, as though you’ve hopped right into the sketch that some proud parents have pinned to the fridge. Every so often you’ll run into a little puzzle, which is invariably solved by snipping away at one of the many papery constructions. […] If a sign says that a dog is unfriendly, just go ahead and cut it down, and that dog will become your erstwhile companion for the rest of the game. Now that’s my kind of power fantasy.”

(Quote from an article written by Jay Castello, contributor for Rock Paper Shotgun,
about “It’s Paper Guy!”, source)

“The charming art style, the quirky characters, the easter eggs and the paper chopping gameplay all combine to make spending time in the playful paper world of It’s Paper Guy! an absolute delight. Highly recommended.”

(Quote from an article written by Calum Fraser, founder of Alpha Beta Gamer,
about “It’s Paper Guy!”, source)

“I’m a huge fan of game worlds that are made out of paper, cardboard boxes as well as papier-mâché, but “It’s Paper Guy!” really hits the spot. While the environment and character design is already a fantastic visual feature, the best thing about this demo version is the cutting mechanic[,] [… which allows a very] clever puzzle design[.] [… I]f such a cute puzzle game doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what else will do.”

(Quote from an article written by Sebastian Standke
about “It’s Paper Guy!”, source)

Malo’s pricing model:

“I am charging between 200 and 350 EUR per day for a freelance contract. I’m considering more stable jobs as well as long as they’re remote.”

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