Indies For Hire: Ricardo Douglas da Silva

Ricardo in a nutshell:

“I do what I do with passion, expertise and accuracy. I’m struggling to make video game translation a living, so every gig helps, big or small. I play video games since Atari, grew up on penny arcades, I’ve been into games my entire life.”

Ricardo’s skill set:

“I can translate from English to Brazilian Portuguese, which I’m native. 30 years as a gamer, 4 as a translator. I love this profession, and I do It with all my heart, so the output is always amazing, as everything one does with passion. I can translate almost every genre, from fighting to RPGs, except sports, which I’m a complete stranger to.”

Some projects Ricardo worked or works on:

What people say about Ricardo’s work:

“Ricardo is wonderful to work with. He has an understanding of what’s needed, and he actively aims to surpass expectation. His skill as a translator is top-tier, and he’s flexible, willing, and capable of working on a variety of projects.”

(Jordan Taylor, Studio Head of Hitcents,
about Ricardo’s localization work for “Ministry of Broadcast”, source)

“Ricardo is fast, attentive and a joy to work with. Ricardo understood our particular needs for copy flavour and surpassed our expectations by e.g. translating our rhyming content with maintained rhymes, something we didn’t even specify. From an implementation perspective Ricardo kept all special symbols intact which made adding the translation to Star Jolt a breeze.”

(Erik Hallgren, Co-founder of Beardybird,
about Ricardo’s localization work for “Star Jolt”, source)

“Working with Ricardo is a pleasant experience. He is responsible, proactive, gets the job done on schedule. More importantly, he loves his job and his work output reflects it.”

(Ricky Ongkowidjojo, Head of Studio Klappanome,
about Ricardo’s localization work for “Sunset Road”, source)

“Ricardo was great to work with! Very quick, very professional, very thorough. We’ve localized in 14 languages so we had to work wit[h] a lot of people – Ricardo was among the best. You can tell he does this out of pssion, and it shows in his work.”

(Liviu Boar, Creative Director of Stuck In Attic,
about Ricardo’s localization work for “Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure”, source)

“Ricardo was quick to finish all the of the Portugese-Brasil localization he was assigned and even took the time to review the full document and mark corrections in the already translated portions. Not much else to say but he was fast and easy to work with.”

(Brandon Driesse, Creative Director of Scarecrow Arts LLC,
about Ricardo’s localization work for “The Story Goes On”, source)

Ricardo’s pricing model:

“My prices are the standard indie-friendly. I am sure we will figure something out!”

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