Indies For Hire: Spectrum W

Spectrum W in a nutshell:

“Brazilian pixel artist, coming from the rather unlikely locale of the northeast rather than southeast. A woman who is frequently mistaken as a man due to mannerisms (not that I mind nor care). I like working, vidier gaymes, drawing, animation, lettuce and cats. Please do notice that I may come across as overtly polite and professional, so do not take it coldly.”

Some graphics created by Spectrum W:

Spectrum W’s skill set:

“I specialize on 2d pixel art (any size, any style) and general cartoonish artwork, alongside possible concept art work.”

Some projects Spectrum W worked or works on:

Spectrum W’s pricing model:

“I work, in images, based on size, color complexity or style, not x/phr, please keep it in mind before commissioning me and wondering about the price. Prices may also vary on whether the usage is commercial or not, or even merch. More details about my pricing models can be found here.”

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