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The coronavirus outbreak turned all our lifes upside down. Not only are many people stuck in a quarantine or have to worry about their loved ones, but also their jobs. We know that many of you who are working in some part of the game industry are struggling too. Contracts got revised, getting new freelancer jobs is hard these days, you name it. That is why we start a new article series today: “Indies For Hire”.

These articles are all about you and your work. If you follow some gaming-related profession and keep on the lookout for new work or commissions, then you can write us via the contact form at the end of the article. We will then check your message and get back in touch with you. When we have all the information we need, we will then write a little profile article about you, publish it and share it on our Twitter account under the hashtag #IndiesForHire. That way we hope that we can bring new job offers to you in these dark times.

In the contact form you will find four required text fields and some additional ones that you can optionally fill out. Of course, the more information we get about you and your work, the easier it is for us to write the article. Also, we strongly advise you to be truthful about your data, as a more precise and honest profile can lead naturally more successfully to new job offers.

This solidarity action is up for anyone from the gaming industry who recently struggles to pay their bills, regardless of the field of profession: Coders, artists, musicians, voice actors and actresses, storywriters, community managers, project coordinators, playtesters, gaming journalists and more – you are all welcome. Looking for new commissions, a side gig, a part- or full-time job? Just tell us what you want, we will try to help you out. After all, we all shall stay united.

And now it is your time to become an Indie For Hire.

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