The Hidden Gems #1

Screenshot of "Guts 'N Goals"

“Guts And Goals” by CodeManu.

This addictive retro-styled multiplayer soccer game has no rules: Smash, slash, pass, and shoot your way to a goal, while all your actions are driven by your remaining stamina. “Guts And Goals” features multiple characters, stadiums with changing gameplay, and much more. There are also random mutators, which get activated at the last minute of each match, resulting in frolic and hilarious unexpected outcomes, such as getting hit by a spiked ball out of nowhere. Right now, the game is looking for support in its Kickstarter campaign and already features a free-to-play ‘preseason’ demo version on Steam, where you are free to give it a go in multiplayer match types.

Screenshot of "Wings of Glass 玻璃の羽"

“Wings of Glass 玻璃の羽” by Eager Passion (Sayuri Artsy, Naoya Sakamata & Ken Higuchi).

“Wings of Glass 玻璃の羽” is an artistically wonderful game with very “The Legend of Zelda”– and “Super Mario”-like mechanics, featuring logical puzzles, while at the same time being able to unravel an intriguing story of its own. Especially the soft accompanying music and overall brilliant atmosphere make it a game I can easily recommend if you are looking for a small indie title which only costs some pocket change! However, the combat is very minimal as the game also delves into some psychological horror elements, but if you are fine with a small action adventure platformer to keep you occupied, you should probably give it a go.

GIF of "Neon Tail"

“Neon Tail” by RocketJuiceGames (Feili, Leo Lin & Yun Yang).

Without any brake button, this game with cyberpunk styled visuals offers a vastly different control scheme compared to other skateboarding titles. Instead, “Neon Tail” features tank-like controls which make it a more physics-based experience. However, this actually ends up working in favor for the game as it feels very natural. With its amazing synthwave soundtrack, the visuals act like icing on top of the cake along with additional features such as upgradable skates, reputation, popularity, and modules for your camera drone. This unique mix is full of intrinsic charms, once you get used to the unconventional controls.