The Hidden Gems #2

Screenshot of "Down the Well"

“Down the Well” by Forgotten Key (Robin Hjelte & more).

“Down the Well” is (or rather, was) a demo about exploring a mysterious underworld. The thirty minutes of gameplay are full of high quality dreamlike visuals, unique mechanics, fluid animations and an in-depth lore, so it is sad to see that it will remain abandoned. Playing it, however, offers a very uniquely charming experience that entices you if given the chance.

Screenshot of "SAI"

“SAI” by Studio Mutiny (Charlie Hutchinson, Kasandra H. Standal, Jonny Lee & Sean-Kee Murmann).

This third-person action adventure game called “SAI” explores the serious issue of deforestation and dives into Celtic folklore to do so. It is filled with smooth combat and game mechanics, so it surprises me to see how a game made with so much love and passion can still be a hidden gem. Thanks to its dynamic audio and environments, it manages to craft a narrative which is sure to be loved by many.

Screenshot of "Colorfly"

“Colorfly” by Zelos.

This jam submission made for the thirty-eighth Ludum Dare is a short, but endearing experience. You play as a butterfly trying to bring color to the world. While the gameplay is nothing too special, the marvelous audio and graphic design are what brings the game to life: The soft piano music, the little jingles that play as you plant trees and all the other small details add up and make “Colorfly” what it is.