Treasure Chest: August 2021

Unfortunately, our time was too short in August for us to sift through all the treasures freshly created by the jam and indie scene – but we guarantee you that these five games, which we also recommended on our Twitter account, are all unique experiences in their own way.

Boss Rush Jam

Screenshot of "Hexblade"

“Hexblade” by Róger Goulart & Vinicius Núñez.

Armed only with a cursed sword, can you defeat the Blademaster’s four underlings and the very same?


Screenshot of "Codex saphinious"

“Codex saphinious” by Alamenium & Hoshipan.

Enjoy a short trip through this puzzle platformer, which especially impresses with its surrealistic, hand-drawn art.

HPS1 Summer of Shivers

Screenshot of "Symphony of Seven Souls"

“Symphony of Seven Souls” by Chris Evry.

With the help of your violin, find the ghost musicians with whom you can finally finish composing your symphony.


Screenshot of "Pyramid of Flames"

“Pyramid of Flames” by Paranoid Cactus.

Outwit mummies as well as snakes and beware of the temple’s traps as you collect artifacts in this fun platformer.

Women Game Jam 2021

Screenshot of "🐈 KATJEPULT 🐈"

“Katjepult” by Smol & Chonky (Bradley Smith & Camille Carpentier).

This endless runner not only stars a cat, but also fascinates us with its terrific embroidered graphics.