Treasure Chest: December 2019

With this edition of the “Treasure Chest” series we finally close the year 2019. From now on, all small recommendations that we have made in the aforementioned year on our Twitter account are also archived on the website. Enjoy these twenty-two games (seven indie games plus fifteen jam submissions), in which you can solve some crazy criminal cases, search for lost souls and items, or change the entire gaming environment with just a small piece of chalk, for example!

Bitsy Community Secret Santa 2019

Screenshot of "BARKslevania: Symphony of the Woof."

“BARKslevania: Symphony of the Woof.” by Noah S. Brown.

Find out if you can face all the dangers of the castle and be a good boy for your best friend.

Screenshot of "crow crime: a murder mystery"

“crow crime: a murder mystery” by Cecile Richard.

Can you figure out who the vicious murderer of the Christmas Pudding is?

Screenshot of "Red Herring: An Onion Detective Fanfic"

“Red Herring: An Onion Detective Fanfic” by nat_content.

Detective Onion alias Private Investigator Pear has a new murder case to solve in this fan game.

Screenshot of "rewriting our own memories, bonds, associations"

“rewriting our own memories, bonds, associations” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

A query is looking for answers and finds so much more.

Screenshot of "spoons"

“spoons” by onion.

This Bitsy game is a cute take on the spoon theory. Here you have to search for actual spoons to enjoy your day.

Screenshot of "Three Methods to Unseat a Fairy Monarch"

“Three Methods to Unseat a Fairy Monarch” by dumplingsquid & Carrie Z.

An illustrated guide for the three kinds of revolution against fairy monarchs.

Screenshot of "Under A Caustic Snow, I Danced"

“Under A Caustic Snow, I Danced” by Freya Campbell.

The search for a lost loved one transforms to a melancholic dance in the bitingly cold season.

Bitsy Jam (Soup)

Screenshot of "Emerge from the Soup: A Prime Ordeal"

“Emerge from the Soup: A Prime Ordeal” by Andrew Kepple.

In this Bitsy game with multiple endings you can marvel at what a wonderful process evolution is.

Game Off 2019

Screenshot of "Leapoundary"

“Leapoundary” by Michał Potakowski.

After shooting ten targets in a row, you can choose one of three up- or downgrades in this stylish arcade challenge.

Gay Western Jam

Screenshot of "Cowgirl Boots"

“Cowgirl Boots” by thyfe.

A retired cowboy has a confession to make. Maybe a letter can help?

Screenshot of "is it that deep, bro?"

“is it that deep, bro?” by moawko, Bee Ulrich, Alex Huang & Alex Benson.

In this interactive novel, two friends watch a western involving a gay romance together. That surely is no big deal for them, at all.

Haunted PS1’s Horrifying Halloween

Screenshot of "Start Survey?"

“Start Survey?” by Adam Worrell.

This survey will give you more answers to your questions than the other way round.

Lost Cartridge Jam

Screenshot of "Jabberwocky"

“Jabberwocky” by RhoqRobynRetroshark & Ben Jones.

Sometimes you are the hero, sometimes you are just Hiro. To truly understand the meaning of this short sentence, you should play this sweet role-playing game satire.


Screenshot of "Kraehe"

“Kraehe” by Red Lily & Arnaud Kerisit.

A young actor wants to retire early, but an old acquaintance wants to know the real reasons behind his early farewell.

Yogscast Game Jam 2019

Screenshot of "Squeaky Kitty"

“Squeaky Kitty” by Owen Senior & Ellen Senior.

Collect gifts for your adorable kitty friend in this cute platformer, where you have to dig tunnels and fight worms as well as bats.

Indie games

Screenshot of "Chalkboard"

“Chalkboard” by Rebecca Dilella, Susan Dang & Clare Elizabeth Fogarty.

In this splendid puzzle game, you interact with the environment by drawing with some chalk on the dark walls.

Screenshot of "CYANiDE"

“CYANiDE” by John D. Moore.

Before you transform yourself into a light orb to drive to the next level, better organize every platform element to be at the right position.

Screenshot of "I'm Shirtless In This One"

“I’m Shirtless In This One” by Hien Pham.

Feeling unhappy with your body? The artist of this Twine comic has a message for you.

Screenshot of "quadrantica"

“quadrantica” by cerebraldivision.

If you are looking for eighty-one logical puzzles with limited moves in a colorful world, then this game could become your new brain-teaser.

Screenshot of "SHY"

“SHY” by Ignacio Puccini, Tomas Batista & Fede Puopolo.

The timidity of the main character is illustrated in this game by the control scheme, which changes as soon as they want to speak to their love interest.

Screenshot of "Sonder"

“Sonder” by Franciska Csongrady, Michael Clarke, Vincent Chu & Rob Maloney.

As a magical butterfly in a tube, you can wander from passenger to passenger to read their minds.

Screenshot of "Surprise Stack"

“Surprise Stack” by Kay Lousberg.

Open gifts of all sorts, but be aware of their different types and most importantly, do not wake up the little pup!