Treasure Chest: December 2020

In the last month of 2020, our in-between recommendations posted on our Twitter account also got a bit more festive. After all, a few of the twelve jam submissions are about baking cookies, spending time with a friend, racing towards giant presents as a rolling snowman. But even without the holiday spirit, these games are real little gems, as you will see.

The Bitsy Essay Jam

Screenshot of "A Dream of Wargs"

“A Dream of Wargs” by Syringa Vulgaris.

This essay game shines a light on different aspects of the relationship between the concept of monstrosity and queer identities.

Screenshot of "zone: a history"

“zone: a history” by Mark Wonnacott.

This year’s desire for digital parties and virtual hangouts gave birth to a little online space called “zone”. Find out more about it in this Bitsy game.

Game Off 2020

Screenshot of "A Trip to the Moon"

“A Trip to the Moon” by Namra & Justine Barnay.

Grow mushrooms, fight foes and escape the moon in this game which embraces silent film aesthetics.

GMTK Game Jam 2020

Screenshot of "Chopsticks Simulator"

“Chopsticks Simulator” by Darn & MeowVibes.

If you love sushi, but are bad at eating with chopsticks, then this jam entry can become your new love-hate game.

Screenshot of "Rotational Shift"

“Rotational Shift” by Andrew Gleeson.

Get the boxes to the assembly belts, as you control one of four warehousemen at a time. However, who exactly you can control is chosen at random.

❄️ Great Winter Game Jam 2020 ❄️

Screenshot of "Blizzard Blowout 64"

“Blizzard Blowout 64” by Goodgis.

Adjust your speed and slide down those icy roads as accurate as you can to nudge down all gifts.

Ludum Dare 47

Screenshot of "BLOBIUS"

“BLOBIUS” by Brandon Yu.

Escape and destroy the blob monsters, which hunt you in a morphing area. Also, your bullets bounce around as long as they do not hit a target.

Screenshot of "SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE"

“SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE” by Daniël Haazen & Simon Lachance.

In this reinterpretation of “Snake”, copies of your past self will repeat your steps. Your goal is to avoid them and grow.

Mix and Game Jam 2020

Screenshot of "Spinball"

“Spinball” by Shawn Yang, Magikfire & logon.

Guide a sword-wielding hero through his quest to slay all bosses in this pinball role-playing game hybrid.

Secret Santa Jam

Screenshot of "Cookie's Bakery"

“Cookie’s Bakery” by Stefan Srb.

Listen closely to the wishes of your customers, figure out what kind of cookies they want and then bake those yummy treats.

2020 Epic MegaJam

Screenshot of "Desolate Drive"

“Desolate Drive” by Hristo Enchev, Jan Gortnar, Konstantin Löffler, Marc Vassallucci & Jeffrey Vermeer.

Drive around and take the towers of this beautiful post-apocalyptic world down.

7dfps 2020

Screenshot of "Two Player"

“Two Player” by John Tringham.

Discover all endings in this delightful singleplayer game about cooperative multiplayer experiences with a friend.