Treasure Chest: February 2020

As in every year, February was the start of a very active jam season in 2020, too. The Global Game Jam in particular played a big part at the time, with us recommending a total of twenty-seven jam submissions that month, but not one single indie game in addition to our regular articles on our Twitter account. But enough of this trivia; instead, better check out all these wonderful jam gems!

Bitsy Jam (Rat)

Screenshot of "Cloverheart"

“Cloverheart” by Rowan Tobias & pegasnow.

Collect clovers for a bouquet as a present for your partner. At the same time you should make sure to solve sidequests and enjoy a party, too.

Screenshot of "Level 1 Fighter"

“Level 1 Fighter” by David Mowatt.

The common tutorial quest of collecting six rat tails transforms into something bigger for this hero in spe.

Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1

Screenshot of "ANTIGOLF"

“ANTIGOLF” by Michael Barba & JayCapricious.

With just a couple of strokes per each level, your golf ball must stay outside of the black holes for a certain amount of time.

Screenshot of "WORMHOLES n' chill"

“WORMHOLES n’ chill” by noof125 & Jovlett.

Change the positions of wormholes to solve a bunch of puzzles.

Decade Jam

Screenshot of "Hoppy Woods"

“Hoppy Woods” by Carlos Eduardo Pérez.

Run around as a little fox, hop on slimes and collect cherries.

Finally Finish Something 2020

Screenshot of "Legbreaker"

“Legbreaker” by Azaan LambkinJoaquin Hill & Josiah Pywtorak.

This puzzle platformer only allows you to jump twice in each level. After the second jump, both your legs are broken, so you have to crouch.

Full Moon Game Jam

Screenshot of "Blocked Up"

“Blocked Up” by Pale Moon Games.

Stay alive inside your ‘prison’, while you get points by creating lines of same colored blocks.

GamesAid Mental Health Jam

Screenshot of "What do I want?"

“What do I want?” by Rosa Carbo-Mascarell.

After being in an abusive relationship of any kind, it is hard to find out what you exactly want from life and for yourself.

Global Game Jam 2020

Screenshot of "Beholder"

“Beholder” by Gabriel Ibias, Hadyn Lander & Jordan Campbell.

Drag, zoom, enlarge and minimize yourself, so that the fragments fit the shape and vice versa.

Screenshot of "Collage"

“Collage” by Luis Díaz Peralta.

With some glue, fresh color and the right puzzle skills, you can surely repair the items of your ‘customers’.

Screenshot of "Deer in the Headlights"

“Deer in the Headlights” by Ivy Dupler, Ruthie Edwards, Francisco González, Gautam Srikishan & Aaron Z. Best.

A daughter and her father have an important chat in the car.

Screenshot of "I, For One, Welcome Our New Lady Knight Overlords"

“I, For One, Welcome Our New Lady Knight Overlords” by Emma Daues, Ebeth Norvell & Jillian Stiles.

Try to forge exquisite weapons and romantic bonds in this Bitsy-Twine hybrid.

Screenshot of "Let Me Fix You"

“Let Me Fix You” by Luc Deligne.

While we are able to repair objects, can we ‘repair’ human beings and lifeforms, too? This game tells us that repairing always comes with a norm.

Screenshot of "Night in the Storm"

“Night in the Storm” by Pablo DapenaJuan AbadMikel Ojea & DAKU.

The lighthouse breaks down over and over again, but the brave seagull maintains it steadily.

Screenshot of "Nour"

“Nour” by Chema Damak, Ange Clément, Isshak Ferdjani, Fabio Persichella, Maxime Engel & Zoé Taillade.

In the ruins of war-ridden Aleppo, Nour finds parts of her identity.

Screenshot of "Poco a Poco"

“Poco a Poco” by Inasa Fujio, Kayden Chan, Louie Zong, Gimun Ryu & Sarah Whang.

Cheer up the frog folks with perfectly timed songs to heal their souls.

Screenshot of "ROBOIZ"

“ROBOIZ” by Matthew HobbsConnor Grail & Chris Chinkiwsky.

By using their own powers and merging them together, two robot buddies have to reach the level exits.

Screenshot of "Sick Fighters"

“Sick Fighters” by Jason Raval, Matthew Walker, Owen Rees, Sam Ibbitson, Elsie Oakwood & Josephine Lewis.

Do not become the C-C-C-Cure Breaker!

Screenshot of "TOC"

“TOC” by Jana Beatriz, Lucas Molina, Tomaz Corral Moreira, Fernando Gulart, Raissa Scheeren, Airton Junior, Ju Bohn, Lucas Souza Dias & Rafael Humann Petry.

Rearrange the beauty of order.

Screenshot of "Trust Me, I Got This!"

“Trust Me, I Got This!” by Michal Berlinger, Václav Blín, Lukáš Kunce & Adam Berlinger.

Fixing four things in the living room would surely be easy, if you were somewhat handy at all.

Screenshot of "Wet Robot Dreams"

“Wet Robot Dreams” by SvavelstickaDevMax Danielsson & Lucas Gullbo.

Nod or shake your head to repair your relationship with a very jealous machine.

Screenshot of "_FIXED"

“_FIXED” by Mark IdanmalDwight OcampoRai MartinezNica Jan AlvarezJames BelizarioGilbertina Lucia C. CiriacoDaniel Conde & Errol Anas.

Control a repair robot by choosing the control switches inside a platformer game.

NOKIA 3310 JAM 2

Screenshot of "Legends of Love"

“Legends of Love” by Nicholas Rodine.

If you ever wondered what a “The Legends of Zelda” title would have looked like on the Nokia 3310, then this jam entry is your answer.

Screenshot of "Snake 3D"

“Snake 3D” by Prio.

Have fun with this three-dimensional version of the beloved classic “Snake”.

Weekly Game Jam 135

Screenshot of "Lonely Planet"

“Lonely Planet” by illest_terminal.

Feeling a bit tired, but not quite enough? This short bedtime poem in form of a sweet Bitsy game about stargazing might help you out.

Screenshot of "Star Runner"

“Star Runner” by Ben James.

The security system of your space station went rogue, so you better find all the parts to repair it as soon as possible.

Weekly Game Jam 136

Screenshot of "Dope Rope"

“Dope Rope” by CrispyPear.

Can you reach the top in this jump and run and toss physics game?

8th Alakajam!

Screenshot of "Aeroblaster"

“Aeroblaster” by DaFluffyPotato.

Inside the looping world of this juicy jam entry, you have to shoot the green cores and avoid turret attacks.