Treasure Chest: February 2021

You could find a total of twenty-four recommendations for in between – including three indie games and twenty-one jam submissions – on our Twitter account last month. Now they are finally on the website, too. Bring a garden to life pinball-style, surrender to nostalgia with a few Nokia games, find out why mold removal is so important, solve a jigsaw puzzle while jogging, and much more!

Bitsy Jam (Clouds)

Screenshot of "its been a while since i went for a walk"

“its been a while since i went for a walk” by linhtropy.

Our self-image can seem like a solid blanket of clouds at first, only to evaporate the next moment.

Bitsy Jam (Seafolk)

Screenshot of "and the band begins to play"

“and the band begins to play” by Adam Le Doux.

A submarine can feel like a prison, but it is still a vessel. May it take us into a future of solidarity.

Screenshot of "not seafoam"

“not seafoam” by Katy Koop.

This atmospheric Bitsy game is much, much closer to Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” than any Disney movie ever was.

Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1

Screenshot of "Conductor"

“Conductor” by Mary Phun, Case Jernigan & lioh.

Make the world a better place with the music in your head.

Screenshot of "Die in the Dungeon"

“Die in the Dungeon” by Jaun, SexyBuggy, Alarts & Adrián González.

Upgrade and collect new dice as you roam the twenty floors of the dungeon.

Screenshot of "Glue Tactics"

“Glue Tactics” by Rad Codex (Sean Hayden), Erik Singer, ft. music by Garrett Kimball, Daniel Straite & PeriTune.

Glue your insect units together to win the battle for the throne.

Screenshot of "Handies-Man"

“Handies-Man” by Jelle Vermandere.

Coordinate two hands at the same time – and each finger separately – to press buttons and operate levers.

Screenshot of "Outage"

“Outage” by Chillaxe Games (Thomas McCarthy, Patrick McCarthy & Joseph Mahon).

While you can only control the red and blue square directly, the green one mimics any movement.

Screenshot of "Paul's Cube Roll"

“Paul’s Cube Roll” by Paul Berne & Franglishe.

As soon as one cube touches another, they stick together. Bring them to the end of each level.

Screenshot of "PuzzleRun"

“PuzzleRun” by Jindrich Stejskal.

Dodge all sorts of obstacles in this runner game. However, you will have to constantly solve a jigsaw puzzle to see anything at all.

Screenshot of "Trust the blackbird"

“Trust the blackbird” by Anastasia Merzlaya & Bartosz Maksiak.

In this sweet cartoon-puzzle game hybrid, a little girl befriends a small bird.

Flatgame Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Aquarium"

“Aquarium” by Nick Murray & Imo Vee.

During the lockdown, two big aquarium fans found a way to still watch the creatures of the sea together.

Global Game Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Check in the Back"

“Check in the Back” by Benjamin Williams, Dan Whittam, Dipo Master, Gina Loughlin, William Biggs, Tom Needham & Taryn Whittam.

Help convention goers find their lost items by listening to their clues.

Screenshot of "Intergalactic Personnel Recovery System"

“Intergalactic Personnel Recovery System” by Finite Reflection (Kartik Kini & Eric Cook).

Work your way through a jumble of mechanisms to learn where to send rescue missions.

Screenshot of "The Mold Exorcist"

“The Mold Exorcist” by Jessica Palmer, Mike Hillard & Nicholas Morrison.

The de-molding of an old mansion turns into a creepy yet sublime experience.

LÖVE Jam 2021

Screenshot of "A Bridge of the Chocolate Factory"

“A Bridge of the Chocolate Factory” by SystemLogoffWillforMichael A. ZekasAshe Thurman.

Take control of the chocolate factory by mastering candy-based minigames.

NOKIA 3310 JAM 3

Screenshot of "Buttons Trail"

“Buttons Trail” by WanSou.

Learn how to use the four different floor types to avoid blocking your own paths. However, the most common one will fall into the abyss after one touch.

Screenshot of "Safe Cracker"

“Safe Cracker” by Ben James.

Crack the codes of each safe using the clues placed on the right. But if you are not successful, you have to bribe the police.

Screenshot of "SNAKE 3310"

“SNAKE 3310” by Luis S. & RETRO SESSION.

Play “Snake” to pass the time while your partner is off shopping. Maybe you will experience more than you bargained for.

Screenshot of "SPLIT 3310"

“SPLIT 3310” by Ghast.

Test your reflexes by dividing an area at the right moment in such a way that the same number of elements exist on both halves.

Screenshot of "Yes Kia, No Kia!"

“Yes Kia, No Kia!” by Corey Hardt & MrsBeefy.

“WarioWare” meets childcare in this special baby simulator that includes a number of minigames.

Indie games

Screenshot of "i had another dream about you last night"

“i had another dream about you last night” by caanti.

Embark on a journey through different dream worlds to discover the differences between love and having a crush.

Screenshot of "LOCUST, U.S.A"

“LOCUST, U.S.A” by Harley Wilson.

Mystery meets “Breakout” as you uncover the dark secrets of the small town of Locust as a gang of four friends.

Screenshot of "Pinball Garden"

“Pinball Garden” by Michael Prigione.

Make a pinball maze garden bloom and use your arcade skills against enemies who want to mow down all the grass as well as flowers again.