Treasure Chest: June 2021

Last month, we recommended eleven games on our Twitter account, including nine jam submissions and two small indie games. Whether you are looking for puzzles based on electricity, magnetism or math, artificial intelligences of a slightly different kind, the marvelous power of universe generation, or simply games with an unconventional concept: You will find them here.

AI and Games Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Sand Flag"

“Sand Flag” by Peacefield.

Interested in a game of beach “Jenga”? Dig up as much sand as you can from your opponent without dropping the flags.

Screenshot of "Wendell Tank"

“Wendell Tank” by Chase Arnold.

This artificial intelligence is a sore loser and will change the rules of the tank game as soon as you perform too well.

Genre Mash Jam

Screenshot of "King for a Knight"

“King for a Knight” by Chase Arnold.

Solve a variety of chess inspired puzzles to free the king from his prison.

GMTK Game Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Dungeon Keysmith's Apprentice"

“Dungeon Keysmith’s Apprentice” by James Orendorff.

In this variant of “Sokoban” you will have to melt with key fragments in the correct order to solve each puzzle.

Screenshot of "EJECT BOMBIN'"

“EJECT BOMBIN'” by lapspider45, jpeg2k & Ed Hund.

Gathering pilots boosts your spaceship’s firepower, but also slows it down. Maybe press the eject button?

Screenshot of "Magnet Mayhem"

“Magnet Mayhem” by WinRawr.

As a magnet, attract metallic things to build constructions that can either serve as bridges or be used to push other objects around.

Screenshot of "Puzzle Sigma"

“Puzzle Sigma” by Jon Topielski, beardy & Thoof.

With elementary math skills and a little imagination, you will find the solutions for these fifteen puzzles.

Screenshot of "Static Cling"

“Static Cling” by Team Bugulon (sarn, Oroshibu, squp, Shrombus, THX, SnakeBlock, orisghost, NotYourSagittarius, bub & Mista Jub).

💡 + ⚡️ + 🧲 + 🤔

Screenshot of "Tongue-Tied"

“Tongue-Tied” by Nathan Powless-Lynes.

It was not the smartest idea to lick the pole in winter. But these orbs stretch your tongue to help you find a way out of this mess.

Indie games

Screenshot of "THE LION'S BEAK, or six ways to not make a videogame"

“THE LION’S BEAK, or six ways to not make a videogame” by Adam Le Doux.

Learn about children’s fantasy, big ambitions, the tangles of life and Bitsy in this beautiful metagame.

Screenshot of "Universe for Sale - Prologue"

“Universe for Sale – Prologue” by Tmesis (Zeno Colangelo, Federico Chiummento & Guglielmo Diana) & Marco Camaiti.

Lila’s wondrous ability is valued by the cultist Master.