Treasure Chest: March 2021

Sixteen additional recommendations for in-between you could find on our Twitter account last month. These five indie games and eleven jam submissions range from lyrical roguelikes to absurd decision marathons, from tetromino-shaped word puzzles to physically impossible “Snake” variations, and from underwater exploration tours to wild Western shootouts. We hope you enjoy trying them out!

Bitsy Jam (Seafolk)

Screenshot of "abyssopelagia"

“abyssopelagia” by Molly Zara-Esther Bloch & Dana Anne.

Help Ophelia the octopus get small fish for her friend and learn things about sea life that you never wanted to know.

GamesPlusJam 2021

Screenshot of "Fastest Gun in the West"

“Fastest Gun in the West” by Marcin Radliński.

Bandits, rattlesnakes and hitmen in hot air balloons are out to get you in this polished western shooter.

Screenshot of "Follow the blackbird"

“Follow the blackbird” by Anastasia Merzlaya & Bartosz Maksiak.

In their latest adventure, Sonya’s feathered friend helps her create a bouquet of flowers for her mother.


Screenshot of "Möbiusss"

“Möbiusss” by LukasWho.

Have you ever imagined how “Snake” would play on a Möbius strip? Now you finally have the chance.

Great Spring Game Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Boolean Bloom"

“Boolean Bloom” by vexorian.

As a “Sokoban” gardener, your task is to make all the plants grow only to a certain length.

Mini Jam 76

Screenshot of "◫"

“◫” by Kultisti.

Freeze time and slide the slider left or right to make platforms appear and disappear. Even more changes in the last four levels.

Wowie Jam 3.0

Screenshot of "Here Nor There"

“Here Nor There” by Demizo.

Lead your opponents to their doom by automatically swapping positions with the closest one every five seconds.

Screenshot of "Lexicontainer"

“Lexicontainer” by Antti Haavikko.

Build words from letter tetrominos! However, the longer you delay, the higher the multiplier will be.

7DRL Challenge 2021

Screenshot of "Idol Knight"

“Idol Knight” by Arnold Rauers, Max Fiedler & Oliver Salkic.

Use your own position and various abilities so that you defeat all the skeletons and survive their attacks.

Screenshot of "Octet"

“Octet” by Coyan Cardenas & NAWKSH.

Locked in a cell, you must find the words for your next poem in a fever dream.

Screenshot of "The Winding Paths Below"

“The Winding Paths Below” by Luis Díaz Peralta, with music by Glenn Murawski.

Build a path to the exit with tetrominoes on each floor of this dungeon, facing each new danger.

Indie games

Screenshot of "Gridblocked"

“Gridblocked” by Tom Hermans.

There are quite a few gridlock puzzle games out there, but this one mixes the familiar concept with a portal mechanic.

Screenshot of "Mitoza"

“Mitoza” by Gal Mamalya & Second Maze.

Discover all the routes of a surrealistic comedic adventure that have one thing in common: They all start with a single seed.

Screenshot of "Pareidolia (or, Why I Saw Pac-Man Everywhere In 2020)"

“Pareidolia (or, Why I Saw Pac-Man Everywhere In 2020)” by Rowan Crawford.

For the creator of this Bitsy game, a childhood obsession returned in 2020 for understandable reasons.

Screenshot of "Polarity Switch"

“Polarity Switch” by Robert Alvarez.

Use and change your magnetic polarity to solve twenty-four “Sokoban” puzzles.

Screenshot of "The Last Survey"

“The Last Survey” by Nicholas O’Brien, Becca Sass & Lewis Kopenhafer.

Consider how to teach your client that rare earth supplies are dwindling, and learn about the implications.