Treasure Chest: May 2020

In the twenty-seven smaller recommendations (two indie games and twenty-five jam submissions) we sent to you on our Twitter account in May 2020, you can find almost anything: Intergalactic “Pong” soccer tournaments, face factory as well as laola wave simulators, digital get-well wishes, and much more. Have fun exploring the list!

Adventure Jam 2020

Screenshot of "GrandPaper"

“GrandPaper” by CrazyKrakenStudio.

A boy sends a letter to his grandfather, who is in the hospital. This way, both can go on a big adventure together one more time.

Bitsy Jam (Trash)

Screenshot of "Tales from the Recycle Bin"

“Tales from the Recycle Bin” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

Take a look at several different drafts of Bitsy games that the developer of this entry never finished.

The Dream Arcade Archive

Screenshot of "Focus"

“Focus” by laucalle.

Stay in the zone between the green line (getting too energetic) and the red line (becoming tired), so that you can study as good as possible.

Screenshot of "Space Pong!"

“Space Pong!” by Kiwi.

To succeed in this match against three computer opponents, you have to react quickly and use your barrier drawing skills.

Godot Wild Jam 21

Screenshot of "Bit's Adventure Through Spike Hell"

“Bit’s Adventure Through Spike Hell” by Clementine & gianclgar.

Switch between fast and slow motion, collect all keys, set teleporters and get to the exit.

Screenshot of "Blimp"

“Blimp” by Inácio Schweller, Lucas Inacio & Ornelas.

This physics puzzle game offers twenty-two levels. Connect the ball with each energy ring and take advantage of the different block types.

Screenshot of "Wirez"

“Wirez” by Ian Williams.

Figure out how each contraption works by connecting the input as well as output markers with wires.

Ludum Dare 46

Screenshot of "Cursor"

“Cursor” by Benoît Deneaux & Thomalin.

Collect other cursors and try to stay alive as long as possible in this hostile, spectacular environment.

Screenshot of "FACE LOVE!"

“FACE LOVE!” by Yugo Limbo, Day LaneLucas Saur & Alec Robbins.

Keep the face factory and romance alive, as you create beautiful new faces for your customers.

Screenshot of "hype dream"

“hype dream” by Dane Tesla, zozol, Miklo & kaem.

Unfortunately, being good for a game is often not enough to make it popular. Instead, you have to create hype in this (sadly kind of realistic) simulator.

Screenshot of "Keep Me Breathing"

“Keep Me Breathing” by MrVarren, AstroLabe & Geegaz.

The needs of this plant – color of the light, amount of water and temperature – change all the time. For its and your own sake, you have to take care of it.

Screenshot of "Metahealer"

“Metahealer” by Strupf.

Play as the pointer of someone who is playing as a healer in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. However, this person can only use a cursed keyboard. Collect buffs and distribute them to your whole group.

Screenshot of "Rude Bear Gotchi"

“Rude Bear Gotchi” by Alex RoseJoão Dias & John Pennington.

The first virtual pet game of the “Rude Bear” saga has one or two surprises up its sleeve.

Screenshot of "TimeSlayer TM"

“TimeSlayer TM” by GoblinQueen.

Use the extra features of your handheld console sparingly to save the battery.

Screenshot of "Turtle Daddy"

“Turtle Daddy” by Dummy Dojo (Linh Lam, Mark Oliver Ilog & Johnson Nguyen).

Bring your turtle babies safe and sound to the ocean, before the dangers of the beach get to them.

Screenshot of "WAVER"

“WAVER” by Mathew Arnold & Niru Fekri-Arnold.

Your keyboard gets transformed into the audience of a sports event. Press the right keys to keep the fan wave alive.

Screenshot of "What the Firetruck!?"

“What the Firetruck!?” by David Fu & Hamdan Javeed.

Extinguish fires, save people and try to avoid car accidents in this wacky rescue mission game.

Screenshot of "Zoo keeper"

“Zoo keeper” by Team-on, ggrusha, shintaro_kk, Dima Shymko & Danylo Lahodniuk.

Take care of the animals in a formerly abandoned zoo by playing related minigames.


Screenshot of "Dragon's Playground"

“Dragon’s Playground” by Extar.

Bring fear and loathing to the village by scorching wizards, eating farmers’ children and more as a rampaging dragon.

Sim Jam

Screenshot of "Bunny Eats"

“Bunny Eats” by securas.

Deliver food quickly to your fellow bunnies, but ensure that it is hot or cool enough for them to eat. That is possible by cooling the food down or heat it up in the environments with the right temperature for either purpose.

Screenshot of "Every degree matters"

“Every degree matters” by kchnkrml.

Lead the blue pixel to the finish line by rotating the level counter- or clockwise with a limited amount of degrees.

TOJam 2020

Screenshot of "Hop Together"

“Hop Together” by Toasty Bread Team (Matthew Ostil & rurupoi), acronaut & San Ostil.

The bunnies have to transport carrots from the down to the top layer. Make sure that none of them gets stuck.

TweetTweetJam 4

Screenshot of "SPY'S DEMISE"

“SPY’S DEMISE” by Tom Hall, code minimized by Dale & Brian Jackson.

The character keeps running, so move it either left or right, while you avoid the red monsters.

Weekly Game Jam 149

Screenshot of "Not the Froggiest"

“Not the Froggiest” by ExNihilo_LD.

Each jump on an island or over a frog makes an island tile more unstable. Become the last frog standing.

Screenshot of "The Last Door on the Left"

“The Last Door on the Left” by PsychoWren & Pendragon66.

None of the doors in this mysterious building will open for you, except for one.

Indie games

Screenshot of "A Day at Feral Vector (for Ducky)"

“A Day at Feral Vector (for Ducky)” by Emma Daues, Acorn, Alison Notter, Adam Le Doux, Ash Green, Athena Paradigm, Andrew Yolland, Becky, Brandon Thread, Mark Wonnacott, Dan Lance, Dana Anne, dino, Ebeth Norvell, Em Lindqvist, Emilie M. Reed, enui, Freya Campbell, Hexablu, Ian Martin, jakeyouh, Josie Brechner, Lenny Magner, Marty Kovach, Maz Hemming, natrix, onion, Ren Binden, RipplePoint, Mozz, Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez, Sean S. LeBlanc, Sarah Gould & nat_content.

This sweet mass collaboration Bitsy game was created as an interactive “Get well soon” card for David Mowatt.

Screenshot of "Pico Driller"

“Pico Driller” by Johan Peitz & Johan Vinet.

Drill your way to the ground, but do not get smashed. Also, grab air filled capsules to breathe in the depths.