Treasure Chest: November 2019

In November 2019, we recommended a total of twenty-two more games (nine indie games as well as thirteen jam submissions) on our Twitter account in addition to our regular articles. So feel free to delight in high-spirited kittens, hard-working ghosts, mysterious sewage systems and a cute date to melt away.

Bitsy Jam (Ghosts With Jobs)

Screenshot of "it's a living"

“it’s a living” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

Even the afterlife is capitalist, as you have got to attend the job fair as the newly arrived fatality.

Screenshot of "Welcome to GhostCorp"

“Welcome to GhostCorp” by Em Lindqvist.

Ever wondered where Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde got their training? This Bitsy game shows you the whole deal.

Bullet Hell? Jam

Screenshot of "Hell's Bakery"

“Hell’s Bakery” by Chavafei, HardRain & CaptainGhoul.

Selling pastries and sweets in hell is not easy when all your customers are shooting at you.

GameMaker 20 Jam

Screenshot of "LIMITO"

“LIMITO” by Krizis.

In each level of this puzzle platformer, you can perform a maximum of twenty single inputs to overcome the dangerous obstacles.

Screenshot of "Think20"

“Think20” by rologfos.

Connect dots of the same color in a specific order within the time limit. However, the connections are not allowed to overlap.

Screenshot of "Tw20"

“Tw20” by Mors & MiniMacro.

Twenty levels, twenty seconds, twenty attempts and one character who does not stop running: That are the main features of this stylish and rage-inducing platformer.

Gentle Ghost Jam

Screenshot of "FOX has two lives"

“FOX has two lives” by Summer Books Philosophy.

To gather each offering, the fox often has to die, so that its ghost can help out. Think ahead!

Haunted PS1’s Horrifying Halloween

Screenshot of "FLESHBIRDS"

“FLESHBIRDS” by germfood.

Take Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, add some PlayStation aesthetics, pixel gore and shovels – voilà, this jam submission is born!

Weekly Game Jam 122

Screenshot of "Big Guns"

“Big Guns” by RetroDEV.

Your weapon in this platformer is too heavy for you, so you cannot move. However, the recoil will help you out.

2019 Epic MegaJam

Screenshot of "Careful Descent"

“Careful Descent” by Tim van Kan.

Two friends in space are bound to each other. Switch between them, so that their clockwise movement can lead them to the goal.

Screenshot of "Greg & the Great Evil!"

“Greg & the Great Evil!” by FAT BOMB STUDIOS (Niky Leaton, Aaron Leaton & Terry Simons), Cliffy & Sweff Sounds.

This roguelike features one big, constantly transforming dungeon, a bunch of monsters and a neat card-based combat system.

Screenshot of "Planted"

“Planted” by Michael Hyman, David Nicholls, Liam Grice, Shaun Baker & Sarah Hull.

Collect pellets on a strange planet to progress, but beware of the mushroom people.

Screenshot of "Throw it down (to Earth)"

“Throw it down (to Earth)” by 23edsa, Fl3xo, ed__m, opnmnv & fluffy pisya.

Control the kitty with a laser pointer, so that it throws everything from the table.

Indie games

Screenshot of "Brutalism: Prelude on Stone"

“Brutalism: Prelude on Stone” by Moshe Linke.

Wander around in a brutalist building and experience art installations inspired by the forces of nature.

Screenshot of "Dawndusk Dream Sewer"

“Dawndusk Dream Sewer” by Rafael Batista de LimaJoseph Dunkerley & Shurk.

What is the nature of this place, a sewer system in the voxel void? Find it out by playing this short atmospheric experience.

Screenshot of "Metamorphabet"

“Metamorphabet” by Patrick Smith.

This interactive learning toy is not only for children, thanks to its magical illustrations and animations.

Screenshot of "Nanopesos"

“Nanopesos” by Camila Gormaz, translated by Baztey, Enedee, Oscar Verdugo & Marmo.

This serious game shows how the low minimum wage affects the life of Chileans.

Screenshot of "Quirkaglitch"

“Quirkaglitch” by Xavier Belanche Alonso.

C̷̅ͅã̴̤ṇ̴͗ ̵͓̋y̵̥͆ő̶͉û̵̟ ̷̼͒g̷̰͆ē̸͖t̸̜͝ ̸̜̐b̸̗̏a̵̟͠ç̵͒k̵̖̕ ̵̦̋t̴͖̏o̷͈̕ ̴͕̾t̷͎̿h̵͔͒e̶͇͆ ̴̹̄o̵̤͝r̵̮͝ï̸͎g̴͙̒í̸͍n̵̩̽ȁ̵̫l̸͖̋ ̸̧̉s̵̟̏ẗ̸͕ā̵̮ğ̶͖ẽ̴͎?̷̗̑

Screenshot of "Snong"

“Snong” by stuffed wombat.

In this reinterpretation of “Pong”, your paddle is the “Snake”, can move around, grows with each goal and must not touch itself or the walls.

Screenshot of "Snow Cones 2"

“Snow Cones 2” by Team Lazerbeam (Ben RauschRichard Pieterse & Jason Sutherland).

Do you want a smile on your face? Then all you have to do is to play the sequel of one of the sweetest and coolest dating simulations ever.

Screenshot of "Stumblehill"

“Stumblehill” by Arvi Teikari, Anna Magdalino & Lucy Green.

Help the clumsy penguin Ecki on its journey through a deceivingly cute platformer with clever physics mechanics.

Screenshot of "Tutorial"

“Tutorial” by Claire Morwood.

Play this vignette game about the developer’s initial contact with Bitsy games, the tool itself and what it felt like to plan the first project with it.