Treasure Chest: November 2021

In November, we took it easy and only promoted three jam games as small recommendations for in between on our Twitter account. All three titles are somehow about taking care of something: Sometimes you have to free little dinosaur babies to take care of their well-being, then again you have to restore battered books to give them a new shine or you have to do ‘self-care’ by looking for answers to questions that have been bothering you for a long time. So without further ado, we would like to advise you to do the following: Relax with our little game tips for the approaching winter!

Palette Jam 2

Screenshot of "Dino Breakout"

“Dino Breakout” by Dino0040.

In this cute physics puzzle game you have to throw balls to free little dinos. But be careful not to drop any poison gas boxes!

Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Merigold"

“Merigold” by JofiSoft (Henry McGehee & Hollis Sanders) & lucas all lowercase.

In search of the meaning of life, a hermit meets a spirit who tells them some stories.

Screenshot of "Rebound"

“Rebound” by Zach Rubenstein, Louis Klein, Jaiden Gerig, Brandon Orden & Brandon Garcia.

Not only reading books, but also cleaning and repairing them can be a relaxing activity.