Treasure Chest: October 2019

In October 2019, we were quite busy with writing articles about amazing submissions for the Ludum Dare 45 and many other games. Nonetheless, we wrote small recommendation tweets for 46 more games – 41 jam submissions and 5 indie games -, that we want to archive here in our Treasure Chest article series. So here are all our hidden gems in one place!

1st RPG Maker GOTM Jam

GIF of "The Yokai's Curse"

“The Yokai’s Curse” by cortok.

The little Yokai is cursed, but maybe the townfolks can help to get rid off the spell.

Bitsy Jam (Dinosaur)

GIF of "🐦"

“🐦” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

*curating tweeting*

GIF of "Fossil Fellas"

“Fossil Fellas” by Opossum_Labs.

In an uncertain future, humankind is extinct, but dinosaurs came back to existence and try to follow man’s traces as archaeologists.

GIF of "To Support Frida"

“To Support Frida” by Waverly Wilson.

When someone in your friend group suddenly confesses their love for you, that can be awkward at least. Even for dinosaurs.

Bitsy Jam (Ocean)

GIF of "Vitreous"

“Vitreous” by Breogán Hackett.

Rock, rock, rock the boat,
dive gently into the sea,
what will you become now
in this short Bitsy?

BLC Game Jam


“TOUCH MELBOURNE” by Andrew Gleeson & Cecile Richard.

Don’t know what to do in Melbourne? This cute series of mini games says: Grab a friend and go to the photo booth!

Ludum Dare 45

GIF of "😊😢😠"

“😊😢😠” by Ava Skoog.

Build a little garden by figuring out, which action is linked to which emoji and how to craft special materials.


“ARCHITECT” by Marjolaine Paz & Lucien Catonnet.

Creating the highest tower would be easy, if you’d have infinite parts. Instead, you have to collect them while building.

Screenshot of "Cipher"

“Cipher” by Ben Wu, Jamie McLean & Jordan Toth.

In this stylish Picross game, you start with no instruction what exactly the signals stand for.

GIF of "Dungscoot"

“Dungscoot” by Robin Field & Billy Hobson.

This dungeon crawler features a real-time combat system, goblins, trolls, treasures as well as intoxicated soda.

Screenshot of "Epoch"

“Epoch” by Cosmic Adventure Squad (Vu HaRose Peng & Johan Soriao).

Gather all other mass in the universe to make your way from a quark to a supermassive black hole.


“HEARTSCAPE” by Zak Amana.

The dungeon room grows larger in this roguelike with deckbuilding elements after you picked each lock with your sword.

GIF of "I Have No Mouth, And I Must Create Blocks On All Sides Of Me"

“I Have No Mouth, And I Must Create Blocks On All Sides Of Me” by Alan Hazelden & Corey Martin.

A Sokoban puzzle game with a challenging twist.

GIF of "In the Rain"

“In the Rain” by NotExplosive & Josh Squires.

A minimalistic and atmospheric puzzle game, where the world is designed around a grappling hook mechanic.

GIF of "JustStart"

“JustStart” by Decappoolla.

Loading times can be quite a pain. But what if the waiting is the game itself? A meta game with four puzzles.

GIF of "King of Nothing"

“King of Nothing” by notapixelstudio, Matteo Abrate, aZamBie & Gaarco_.

Move the king to the given rhythm and collect all needed black pieces.

GIF of "little BEETLE bottle BATTLE"

“little BEETLE bottle BATTLE” by AP Thomson.

Transform the land to your liking in the match-3 stage, so that your choice of recruits in the battle phase will be wise.

Screenshot of "Lost in Translation"

“Lost in Translation” by Daniël Haazen.

Use the context of each situation to figure out what the foreigners say, so you can solve the puzzles.

GIF of "lotor"

“lotor” by torcado.

Construct platformer levels while ensuring that the raccoon can reach the star. The twist? You don’t know which platformer element you’ll get next.

GIF of "Nothing Everything"

“Nothing Everything” by Rene Antunes & James Beninger.

Play as the maleficent Dr. Nothing, inventor of the Nothing Ray, and nothing everything in this puzzle game.

GIF of "Nothing to Say"

“Nothing to Say” by Rose Abernathy & celia14.

Finding the right words on a date can be hard, especially when you are nearly out of letters.

GIF of "Null Is Zero"

“Null Is Zero” by Mattias Östlund.

This game could be simply described as “Baba Is You: Math Edition”.

Screenshot of "Oracle Pine"

“Oracle Pine” by Inky & Jimmy Swanick.

Complete all the steps of the ritual in the forest. It may all seem harmless, but who knows what you are capable of?

GIF of "Outside the BOX"

“Outside the BOX” by IcyLava.

A minimalistic puzzle game with a pinch of “Sokoban”, where the size of the levels extends over time.

Screenshot of "Palely"

“Palely” by anstaboPierre Julien Baron, Romain Gremmo & Artlock.

Seek for new letters to create new objects and to maybe find a way out of this beautiful world.

GIF of "Rude Bear Refurbished"

“Rude Bear Refurbished” by Alex RoseJoão Dias & John Pennington.

Your date loves furniture. You don’t have any, but your neighbors do. Time for a robbery!

GIF of "S.W.N"

“S.W.N” by Robin Velu.

Except for running, each action like jumping or dashing costs a point in this little platformer with a neat built-in level editor.

GIF of "Scribble from Scratch"

“Scribble from Scratch” by Fabian Tkaczuk, Tobias Maushammer, Marian Becher, Patrick Deysenroth, Janik Helbig, Ralf Köhler & Martin Hauschild.

Draw your own level elements to reach the exit of all 13 levels in this platformer, but mind your ink!

GIF of "Snake Sokoban Spiral"

“Snake Sokoban Spiral” by Justas Dabrila.

“Snake” meets “Sokoban” meets “Stephen’s Sausage Roll”?!? Yep, exactly.

GIF of "Snowball"

“Snowball” by Antoine Zanuttini.

Transform a little pile of snow into a massive snowball, so you can reach the exit even when you are sliding through flames.

Screenshot of "Soundmarine"

“Soundmarine” by Dustyroom (Max Dzitsiuk & Volodymyr Dzitsiuk).

The world seems to be silent, but by collecting the sound orbs, you will enrich it massively.

GIF of "Terra Nil - Reclaim the Wasteland"

“Terra Nil – Reclaim the Wasteland” by Sam Alfred.

Build turbines, water pumps and detoxing machines to transform the wasteland into a green paradise.

Screenshot of "The Song of Calirum"

“The Song of Calirum” by Rita Rosa & Pedro Rosa.

Choose your path in this mysterious desert adventure with the help of cards, but make sure to have enough resources.


“TRIGGORE” by Francis CoulombeLumpyCBoyardee & Justin Stander.

Search for candy and weapons, keep the light on, clean the floor and shoot the undead to pieces.

GIF of "Ultra Quest"

“Ultra Quest” by blobo.

Being an hero without a weapon is not that difficult if the whole environment can act as one. A short slapstick adventure.

GIF of "Unlock Everything"

“Unlock Everything” by Timmie Wong.

Unlock the menu, the in-game-music, the background art, the health points, the controls… To put it briefly, unlock everything!


“VELOCE” by Jói Sigurðss & Torfi Asgeirsson.

Unlock new auto attack patterns and new types of enemies by collecting the green pellets.

GIF of "White Starts With Nothing"

“White Starts With Nothing” by Alexander Petrov.

In this chess simulation, you don’t control your pieces directly; you only have power over their starting position.

Mix and Game Jam

GIF of "Beetle Ball"

“Beetle Ball” by Nadav Sheffer, Ido Lazer, Shalev Ben Elya, Ben Goldstein & Tom Zilberstein.

The arrogant ants have thrown out this dung beetle. Time for revenge!

Spooky Game Jam 2019

GIF of "Happy Haunting"

“Happy Haunting” by Luke Mayo.

To be able to talk with the living again, ghosts can’t reveal themselves to humans; they must be discovered by them.

Spooky September 4-Color Jam

GIF of "Ghost House"

“Ghost House” by kittenm4ster & Aubrianne.

Try to find all the ghosts in their house, so you all can enjoy a spooky party in the end.

Indie games

GIF of "ᗢ"

“ᗢ” by tak, sentvyr & MC Hepher.

To explore all the islands, this little cat can swim from one shore to another. But if the distance is too far, the kitty will drown.

Screenshot of "Entomo"

“Entomo” by shabby.

Swap the order of your new insect friends to use their special abilities, so you can find food for the larva. It may turn into something special.

GIF of "Feed The Ducks"

“Feed The Ducks” by kittenm4ster.

Bird-feeding simulator? A puzzle game? Playing as a detective to find a goose? All in one?!

GIF of "Pygmalion Lied"

“Pygmalion Lied” by Isabella Ness.

A wonderful Bitsy game about artistic processes, catharsis and loss.

Screenshot of "Under What?"

“Under What?” by Dan Gartman & Barbara Morrigan.

While fishing, an old man gets pulled into the sea. A short, beautiful interactive novel with a Kafkaesque twist.

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