Treasure Chest: October and November 2020

We are skipping the August and September issues of the “Treasure Chest” series, because Sebastian took a little time off back then, and as a result, no recommendations for in-between were posted on our Twitter account during those months. This lovely ritual was tentatively reintroduced in October as well, resulting in two jam submissions being recommended. In November, however, the pace picked up again. Therefore, we have combined the small recommendations of these two months into one article and hereby present you twenty-eight jam games at once!

A Game By Its Cover 2020

Screenshot of "High Stakes"

“High Stakes” by Krystian Majewski & Chris Donnelly.

Win your blood and thereby your life back through card battles against a vampire.

The Bitsy Essay Jam

Screenshot of "a tribute"

“a tribute” by Eve McLachlan.

The creator of this Bitsy game loved “Pokémon” and especially Mew back when she was a little girl. Here she reflects about that time.

Screenshot of "Bread Minus"

“Bread Minus” by Freya Campbell.

Baking bread yourself surely is not a rocket science, but you can still learn some things about both of them at the same time.

Screenshot of "On my own so-called cleverness..."

“On my own so-called cleverness…” by moniker ersatz.

This game shows off what happens when we overvalue our own intellect and disregard other attributes of our identity.

Screenshot of "On Spotify, music-as-a-service, and losing a favourite song"

“On Spotify, music-as-a-service, and losing a favourite song” by George Larkwright.

This essay game focuses on our relationship to media and art in the age of streaming.

Screenshot of "The Animator Is Not Present"

“The Animator Is Not Present” by David R. Howard.

While the artists behind the first mass-produced pixel art tutorials remain unknown, this Bitsy game shows their work.

Screenshot of "The Solivagants (or, Videogames Fail at Character Context)"

“The Solivagants (or, Videogames Fail at Character Context)” by Rowan Crawford.

Explore a gallery full of moments where video games showed off one of their biggest flaws.

Bitsy Jam (Cursed Book)

Screenshot of "the book binder"

“the book binder” by visibleworld.

After your first couple days at your new job as a book binder, strange things start to happen. Also, why is this one door in your office always locked?

Bitsy Jam (Ghost Ship)

Screenshot of "Elfship"

“Elfship” by David Mowatt.

One year after your wife went missing while searching for the mystic elfship, you look for her again in this bittersweet love story.

Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2

Screenshot of "The Case of the Deviant Detective"

“The Case of the Deviant Detective” by Gal Afik, Matthew Hill, Josh A. Connor, Shifra Afik, Katherine Laffoon & Moriah Jackson.

Change witness statements into full confessions by erasing segments of audio cassettes.

Extra Credits Game Jam 6

Screenshot of "Bake Care"

“Bake Care” by raespark.

Relax a bit for some minutes by baking some delicious digital cookies.

GMTK Deadline Missers Jam

Screenshot of "Monet Heist"

“Monet Heist” by Kenneth Chan, Seth Khaw, Leow Yumi, Jedidiah Cheng & Travess Tan.

Steal a golden sculpture by spying on the surveillance camera.

GMTK Game Jam 2020

Screenshot of "A Little To The Left"

“A Little To The Left” by youllbejustfine (Anne Macmillan & Lukas Steinman).

Each scene has its own order, which has to be discovered and reestablished by you.

Screenshot of "Blastius"

“Blastius” by SteDL89.

In this shmup with boss battles you cannot steer your spaceship completely free. Instead, you will have to dash in the right moments.

Screenshot of "Casino Crypt"

“Casino Crypt” by Benjamin Walter, Retrosaur & José Ramón García.

Lock the best outcome that this slot machine offers you, as it defines the success of your combats.

Screenshot of "Don't ! Heroes"

“Don’t ! Heroes” by valden, Eldraev, Reblys & Goomboo.

In this role-playing game you either do nothing if you agree with your heroes’ choices or you tell them “No!”, hoping that this will stop their planned action.

Screenshot of "Laserwave"

“Laserwave” by Dániel Ambrits.

The kicks and snares that you can hear in the background tell you if you either move or attack in this special bullet hell game.


Screenshot of "Dracunite"

“Dracunite” by securas & quiji.

Slash skeleton warriors and bats in this creepy tower with your axe. You can also throw the weapon and use other ways.

Screenshot of "Pants"

“Pants” by sharpfives.

If you have the very specific urge to play a short comedy adventure game about finding suddenly vanished pants, then this is your jam.

Ludum Dare 47

Screenshot of "Bind Off"

“Bind Off” by dumplingsquid & Carrie Z.

A soul is trapped in an embroidery pattern, but luckily the creator left some tiny mistakes behind. Spot them and escape.

Screenshot of "Knights of the Holy Loop"

“Knights of the Holy Loop” by Oddly Shaped Pixels (Renaud Despinois) & Flavien Caston.

Change the battle order within your hero group to create the most powerful strategy.

Screenshot of "RECoil"

“RECoil” by ThanielPIN.

To solve all five levels before the timer runs out, you will need not only puzzle solving skills and a gun, but also copies of yourself.

Metroidvania Month 8

Screenshot of "Unlucid"

“Unlucid” by Harambert.

After your sudden awakening, you learn that a strange frog creature rules now over your reality.

Rainbow Jam 2020

Screenshot of "Pieces"

“Pieces” by Patrice Metcalf-PutnamNigeli SyAmerlyn Zeta & Amy Peters.

While the whole is more than the sum of its parts, sometimes one part has a mind of its own.

Torrens University Australia Jam

Screenshot of "Bokdown"

“Bokdown” by jf1x.

In this clever “Sokoban”-like puzzle game, you have to bark at chickens to lead them into their coops before the sun sets.

Weekly Game Jam 160

Screenshot of "Lifespan Candle"

“Lifespan Candle” by Alessandro Pezzetti.

Help the cute candle to ignite the logs at the end of each level, but ensure that it does not suffer from a literal burnout.

10th Alakajam!

Screenshot of "H.M.S. Relentless Puzzler"

“H.M.S. Relentless Puzzler” by Aurel Bílý & Eido Volta.

Drag and click pieces of this ship-shaped puzzle box to reveal as well as solve new riddles.

Screenshot of "Sailor Swift"

“Sailor Swift” by Snappy Sloth (Laetitia Létoffé & Mat Pistol).

Create exit routes for all ships by rotating and dragging the map tiles.