Treasure Chest: September 2021

September brought with it many fabulous little jam submissions, twelve of which we touted on our Twitter account as ideal games for in between. Underwater mysteries, autumnal horror, cleverly enriched classics, beautiful graphics and more await you.

A Game By Its Cover 2021

Screenshot of "Kitsu"

“Kitsu” by Fáyer & Pato.

In this “Sokoban” tile-matching hybrid, you play a fox with a shapeshifting ability. Collect all the hearts per level to advance.

Screenshot of "🌸POLYCHROMIA🌸"

“🌸POLYCHROMIA🌸” by JohnnyNeverWalked.

Mix colors together and then add them to the flowers to make them bloom. Furthermore, all fields must be occupied at the end.

Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2

Screenshot of "La Cirque du Manchot Magnifique"

“La Cirque du Manchot Magnifique” by Poddlesli, Jingzhou Li, Zoolouie, Drillu & FRUIT.

In this beautiful game, the difficulty of juggling is depicted by frantic reaction games.

Great Autumn Game Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Scatterhoard"

“Scatterhoard” by Pixel Bubble.

Collect acorns and bury them in certain places, but be careful that the nocturnal owls do not spot you.

HPS1 Summer of Shivers

Screenshot of "ENDLESS BLUE"

“ENDLESS BLUE” by Matthew DiVito.

In this prototype with a grandiose retro aesthetic, you will witness the secrets of a research facility hidden under the ocean waves.

Screenshot of "The Sirena Expedition"

“The Sirena Expedition” by Giraffe Cat (David Thatcher), Amy Greir & beee girlll.

Exploring an unknown underwater complex turns out to be quite a mysterious affair.

Spooktober 3rd Annual Visual Novel Jam

Screenshot of "Candy Scabs"

“Candy Scabs” by Nemlei.

This visual novel with its three endings combines Halloween, bloody violence, friendship and candy into one terrific experience.

Screenshot of "Ghost Switch"

“Ghost Switch” by Jasmine Osler, Orpheo Fenn, Dmitry Trofimov, Mike Young & Chintarmanya Vivian.

This cute and spooky visual novel does not need words to tell its story.


Screenshot of "Zumot"

“Zumot” by Antoine Zanuttini.

Ever played a tile-matching shooter? This reinterpretation of the classic “Zuma” offers you the perfect chance to catch up.

Tu juego a juicio Jam 2021

Screenshot of "Longo Doggo"

“Longo Doggo” by Romeu Esteve.

This elongated puppy no longer fits in the doghouse, but thanks to two magical fruits, it can either grow or shrink.

Screenshot of "Long Spear"

“Long Spear” by Taylor Segura.

In this puzzle game you can not only move around with your extendable spear, but also attack enemies from behind or cut ropes.

2021 Epic MegaJam

Screenshot of "Gob"

“Gob” by gamma girl (James Cannizzaro, Matt Ulicny & Marissa Borowski).

In the middle of the night, you are plagued by a craving for your favorite snack: A rotten hot dog.