Time to Say Goodbye – but not yet

On July 19, 2022 game-curator.com will be seven years old. But at the same time it will be the last birthday of the project, because from this point on no more articles will be published on this blog.


When I, Sebastian, started the website in 2015, I had a lot of ideas and visions in my head about how everything should develop. My long-term goal was always to create a relevant platform where people can find out about beautiful, curious, funny or simply fantastic niche games. But relevance, which is a core factor of that very goal, was never achieved. I have become increasingly aware of this in recent months. Therefore, I can no longer justify it to myself to invest so much time and energy in this project besides my normal life and day job.

Now what?

Everything will run as usual until the end! At the beginning of each month there will still be a “Treasure Chest” article, also texts about jam and indie games will continue to be published, in January 2022 I will present you the Jam Games Of The Year for the last time and otherwise I am especially looking forward to digging through the submissions for the Global Game Jam 2022 as well as for the fiftieth Ludum Dare next year.

Okay… But why are you announcing this eight months in advance?

The thought of ending the project has crossed my mind several times in the past, but then always in a phase where I felt bitter or overworked. Currently I am not in such a condition. I actually have a lot of fun playing and recommending games, but it is getting harder and harder to keep the passion stable. That is why I want to quit in a self-determined way and in time, while I still have fun with it, before I just quit from one day to the next out of frustration. That is why it is important for me to announce this step early, so that it becomes public and therefore also ‘binding’ in a certain way. (Plus, eight months is plenty of time for all you aspiring writers and journalists to submit one last guest article either via our contact form or via direct message on Twitter.)

Alright, I will take that.

Oh, wait! Although the real farewell will not follow for another eight months, I would still like to get one thing off my chest right now: Thank you.

Thanks to all our regular readers who have visited the website time and time again, shared our content on social media, or even just sent us a few kind words.

Thanks to all the creative developers and game designers, all the talented storytellers and translators, all the master artists and audio geniuses, all the passionate voice actors and voice actresses, and everyone else involved in any way in the production of video games.

Thanks to all initiators and organizers of gamejams, who laid the foundation for this blog with their valuable work.

Thanks to the incredible Max Fiedler, who created our lovable mascot with his unique charming drawing style.

And finally, a special thanks goes out to all the authors who have immortalized their unique perspectives, tastes and thoughts on this platform with their articles.

Thank you, Bez.
Thank you, James.
Thank you, cygni.
Thank you, Marta.
Thank you, Noah.
Thank you, Rain.
Thank you, Daniel.
Thank you, Joseph.
Thank you, BladeSides.
Thank you, Chase.
Thank you, Steven.
Thank you, Markus.

You all were simply terrific.