GBJAM 4: Cuckoo Castle

Screenshot of "Cuckoo Castle"
“Cuckoo Castle” by Shannon Mason, Diane de Wilde & Richard Lems. “[A] mini-metroidvania. […] Rescue new heroes and battle your way to the highest tower[.]” Its flawless controls and animations, the adorable pixel art as well as the …
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GBJAM 4: Trappy Mine

Screenshot of "Trappy Mine"
“Trappy Mine” by rogueNoodle. “Race against time, using your pickaxe and bombs to mine to the bottom where treasure awaits. Avoid spikes, explosions and crushing crates and collect as much coal, diamond and coin as possible to compete for …
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Indies VS PewDiePie: OverPowered

Screenshot of "OverPowered"
“OverPowered” by Justin Stander, flashygoodness, Kenju & Bill Kiley. “Can you […] become a [t]rue [h]ero in time to save the world from apocalyptic destruction?” This platformer called “OverPowered” is incredibly difficult, but so much fun at …
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Glitch Jam: detuned

Screenshot of "detuned"
“detuned” by Paul Lawitzki, Christoph Rasulis & Benjamin Rudolf. “A very short experimental experience with glitch aestethic[s] […] [and] horror elements[.]” By scrolling your mouse wheel you can ‘tune’ and ‘detune’ platforms in “detuned”, which is a pretty …
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Indies VS Gamers: Eko

Screenshot of "Eko"
“Eko” by Yword. In “Eko”, you have to follow just one goal: To jump and run to the top in three minutes seconds. Shoot some blob monsters as well as mutants that are partly bats and partly whales, while you …
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GBJAM 4: Memory Battle

Screenshot of "Memory Battle"
“Memory Battle” by ZappedCow. “[A] mashup between the classic game Memory and computer RPGs[.] […] Match cards to perform their effects. Use swords and fireballs to defeat your foes. Watch out for special cards!” “Memory Battle” is one of …
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GBJAM 4: Sunrise/Moonrise

Screenshot of "Sunrise/Moonrise"
“Sunrise/Moonrise” by Diane Landais, Little Roisin & Emilie Mavel. “Sunrise/Moonrise” is an adorable puzzle platformer with a great core concept: Whenever the fox touches the wall, the day and night cycle gets activated. The fox needs to collect …
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GBJAM 4: Aliens Go Home Run!

Screenshot of "Aliens Go Home Run!"
“Aliens Go Home Run!” by Ultdev, Kommisar, Framk & Artisano. “Aliens have invaded the Earth, and only you can fight back by hitting one of their own into their shields to break them!” “Aliens Go Home Run!” is a …
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