Mini Ludum Dare 48: Noir

Screenshot of "Noir"
“Noir” by rxi & bitslap. “Noir” is a challenging detective adventure with some pretty frustrating battles, but it produces an intensive atmosphere which makes up for it. The pixel art is gorgeous, the music fits in pretty well, so …
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Mini Ludum Dare 53: Surveillance Warrior

Screenshot of "Surveillance Warrior"
“Surveillance Warrior” by pancakemetro & S. Duda. “You are tasked with keeping the campus safe and free of graffiti the night before an important politician visits! Analyze the cameras for intruders! Send cop squads to deal with odd shadows! Send …
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Ludum Dare 23: Microscopia

Screenshot of "Microscopia"
“Microscopia” by azurenimbus. It’s stunning how fast you can feel lost. In “Microscopia”, you play as a small part of a bigger microcosm. You can move freely and you just got one goal: To go to the center. But …
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Ludum Dare 23: 6 Degrees of Sabotage

Screenshot of "6 Degrees of Sabotage"
“6 Degrees of Sabotage” by Lucas Pope. “There is a network of saboteurs disguised among groups of innocent citizens. Bomb instructions were passed between multiple pairs of saboteur acquaintances. Review the security tapes from today to track the note …
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Ludum Dare 23: Memento XII

Screenshot of "Memento XII"
“Memento XII” by Sébastien Bénard. “Day 4380 of your prison term. [Twelve] years. And many more to come. But something strange is happening today… A mysterious puzzle seems to unfold in your cell.” “Memento XII” offered me one of …
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Ludum Dare 23: Fracuum

Screenshot of "Fracuum"
“Fracuum” by Tyler Glaiel. Dive into a trippy maze of madness, deeper and deeper, shoot your way, run, hide, but dive, dive, dive! The map of “Fracuum” is so goddamn crazy, you can only adore such excellent level design. …
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Ludum Dare 23: Desire

Screenshot of "Desire"
“Desire” by Eric Raué. “[A] citizen placement game where you try to fulfill everyone’s desires as best as you can on a tiny, yet bigger than where they started, island. There are different kinds of desires.” “Desire” is a …
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Ludum Dare 23: Real War

Screenshot of "Real War"
“Real War” by nuprahtor. “[A] game about real war.” Wow, I love the metaphors and the whole analogy in this excellent jam game. While it may seem at the first glance that the title “Real War” could be just …
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Mini Ludum Dare 58: Blorf Pong

Screenshot of "Blorf Pong"
“Blorf Pong” by Charlotte Gore. “Hopefully the very worst, most unplayable, most vomit inducing pong clone ever.” Hey there. Do you like motion sickness? No? Good. Then you will hate “Blorf Pong” for obvious reasons. The whole level moves …
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