A Game By Its Cover 2015: Modulocean

Screenshot of "Modulocean"
“Modulocean” by Octurnip. “Play with sound and destroy cities! Each bubble changes one effect on the sound and different combinations destroy different buildings!” Relaxing whale songs that can destroy a whole city just by the strength and structure of …
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Procedural Generation Jam 2014: Meadows

Screenshot of "Meadows"
“Meadows” by Tom Betts. “Procedurally generated islands with proc[edurally] gen[erated] plants[.]” The landscapes in the ‘walking simulation’ “Meadows” are wonderful to look at and provide a relaxing atmosphere as well as gaming experience. PLAY…
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Flappy Jam: Flappyridium

Screenshot of "Flappyridium"
“Flappyridium” by MixedBag Games & Luca Gasperoni. “Flappyridium” is a fast-paced “Flappy Bird”-like game with amazingly smooth controls and a great retro art style. I like how the lines show the movements of some former, failed plays. >>PLAY…
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Flappy Jam: Ridiculous Glitching

Screenshot of "Ridiculous Glitching"
“Ridiculous Glitching” by firepunchd. “[W]hat happens if a rogue electron leading to a [ROM] error gives a once ‘free to play’ video game a once in a lifecycle chance to follow its heart[?] […] [I]t will use collective video …
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Nar8 Jam: Coming Out Simulator 2014

Screenshot of "Coming Out Simulator 2014"
“Coming Out Simulator 2014” by Nicky Case. “You play as a semi-fictional version of me, on a night that changed my life forever. Choose your (my?) words wisely. Every character will remember everything you say – or don’t say …
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Nar8 Jam: Bottle Rockets

Screenshot of "Bottle Rockets"
“Bottle Rockets” by James Earl Cox III. “A music videogame about a mother and her daughter[.]” I didn’t realize what exactly is happening in “Bottle Rockets” before entering the third room, and then it broke my heart. I thought …
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Space Cowboy Jam: Distance

Screenshot of "Distance"
“Distance” by Natalie Hanke, Tom Francis & Jukio Kallio. “Somewhere in space, you find two wanderers walking without aim.” “Distance” is a short, beautiful interactive novel about wonders, stars and memories with a lovely audiovisual representation. >>PLAY…
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