7DRL Challenge 2018: POLYBOT-7

Screenshot of "POLYBOT-7"
“POLYBOT-7” by Josh Ge & Kacper Woźniak. “You are […] [a fully modular] robot[.] […] Your parts will be destroyed, but you can blast other robots to pieces and let the salvage fly over to equip you, or find …
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7DRL Challenge 2018: Patient Rogue

Screenshot of "Patient Rogue"
“Patient Rogue” by Oleg Dolya. “A roguelite card-based game[.]” The smooth gameplay of “Patient Rogue” has its core in the intuitive, easy to use card game interface. You can fight with your weapons by dragging and dropping them on …
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7DRL Challenge 2018: DEAD FACE

Screenshot of "DEAD FACE"
“DEAD FACE” by Jeremiah Reid. “Dodge a whirlwind of bullets and rockets[.] Drive huge, multi-tile mechs or let the mechs fight for you[.] Wield rocket launchers, machine guns, drills, lasers, and flamethowers[.] Stay hidden or push your luck by …
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7DRL Challenge 2018: Zombie Rogue

Screenshot of "Zombie Rogue"
“Zombie Rogue” by gamefish. “[A] turn-based survival and strategy game […] [with a] zombie apocalypse [setting.]” What fascinates me about “Zombie Rogue” is not the relatively high amount of different weapons and items that were implemented or the neat background…
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