ScoreSpace x Alakajam!: bondstones !

Screenshot of "bondstones !"
“bondstones !” by Benjamin Soulé. “Connect stones with the same shape or color. [Chains made from more than twelve] stones will [explode,] increasing score and experience[.] […] Each time you level up, a random malus is drawn [from] the …
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Screenshot of "simmiland"
“simmiland” by Sokpop Collective (Aran Koning, Tijmen Tio, Tom van den Boogaart & rubna). “[A godlike] card game. [You] create a new world and can play cards until the apocalypse comes. [How] far will your civilization …
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Ludum Dare 35: Future-Anthropology Facility

Screenshot of "Future-Anthropology Facility"
“Future-Anthropology Facility” by JohnGalt. “By manipulating subjects body parts, players are given fully freedom to create a lot of different “creatures”.” “Future-Anthropology Facility” is creepy in its own way, but also colorful and fascinating. Try to get some of the…
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GJ Fest: Infinity Inc.

Screenshot of "Infinity Inc."
“Infinity Inc.” by George Kobyakov. “Find a clone gun, create your own clones and overcome deathly traps by destroying them!” “Infinity Inc.” has neat little puzzles, a great control scheme for keyboards and an evolving gameplay. Also, there are …
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