Global Game Jam 2020: Damnation

Screenshot of "Damnation"
“Damnation” by Piotr Apostel. “A bullet hell game with a risky healing mechanic. The better you play, the harder the game pushes back and the more painful the potential failure is. [… Y]ou can overheal to accelerate your combo …
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Mini Jam 41 (Magic): Hat’s a Problem

Screenshot of "Hat's a Problem"
“Hat’s a Problem” by Enter CTRL (Andrew Hunt, Austin Nordhaus, Michael O’Donnell & William Brotherton). “[A] bullet hell arcade game with a hint of magic[…]. Play as a magician in a performance gone wrong, and keep the show going!” The…
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Screenshot of "OVERGAME"
“OVERGAME” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Pierrick Boyet, Robin Chafoin, Joachim Leclercq, Sacha Riviere & Alexis Prost. “[A] breaking-the-4th-wall[,] story-rich and funny meta game with a plot twist.” “OVERGAME” is not completely finished by now, but it’s …
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Ludum Dare 45: Sabotage

Screenshot of "Sabotage"
“Sabotage” by Sébastien Bénard. “You are Colonel Jean-François Hubert from the French army. As the most badass colonel ever, you take on your missions naked, without any weapon. Improvise, adapt, overcome. […] [U]se the environment to kill enemies.” “Sabotage” …
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Ludum Dare 45: Paint Rush

Screenshot of "Paint Rush"
“Paint Rush” by Louis Denizet, Romain Rope, Mathieu Clavel & Alexandre Magnat. “Crush devilish [enemies] against grounds and doors to paint your way through the game, and understand the contours of this world that seems hidden to …
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Screenshot of "BREAKER"
“BREAKER” by Daniel Linssen, Martin Kvale & Dubmood. “[A] blend of [Breakout], [Space Invaders] and [Ikaruga.]” Once I had the pleasure to talk on the German-French tv channel ARTE about minimalistic game design and why minimalism doesn’t mean …
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GBJAM 7: Mystical Samurai

Screenshot of "Mystical Samurai"
“Mystical Samurai” by Daniel Moreno & Paltian. “[A]n action platformer game[.]” I’m absolutely amazed by the retro feeling that “Mystical Samurai” is able to invoke. The sprites really nail the Game Boy aesthetics perfectly, the soundtrack is top-notch, the …
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Blitz Breaker

Screenshot of "Blitz Breaker"
“Blitz Breaker” by Reece Kelly, Fat Bard (Zach Fendelman & Patrick Crecelius), Luciana Nascimento, Dyre & Jeremy Hobbs. “An accessible, fast paced platformer with one small change, your character can’t run! Play as a tiny …
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GMTK Game Jam 2019: Mr. Flipper

Screenshot of "Mr. Flipper"
“Mr. Flipper” by Willem Rosenthal & bb tombo. “You are Mr. Flipper,  the only Flipper in a pinball world. You can’t wait for the ball to come to you, [y]ou’ll have to move to the ball!” Poor Mr. Flipper …
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