Adventure Jam 2016: Strolling

Screenshot of "Strolling"
“Strolling” by Beavl Games (Nico Saraintaris), Nicolás Recabarren & Fernando Martinez Ruppel. “Pedro stays silent for a bit and observes his companion. Suddenly, he makes a crazy statement. Mariano is astonished… How did [Pedro] know what [Mariano] was …
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Adventure Jam 2016: Animation 101

Screenshot of "Animation 101"
“Animation 101” by Kishimoto Studios & Ana Yomiell. “Join the adventure of a student learning about animation.” “Animation 101” is lovely to look at, but involves some tedious work as gameplay, as you will have to color pixel figures and…
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Adventure Jam 2016: Awake

Screenshot of "Awake"
“Awake” by Storyyeller Games (Jens Bahr, Nicolas Rathje, Karolin Kraut & Marc Glasze) & Voice Acting Power Squad. “The night seems to be endless, and the same can be said about the trials the protagonist Marc …
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Adventure Jam 2016: Through the Playground

Screenshot of "Through the Playground"
“Through the Playground” by Sergei Ryzhov, Victor Komarov, Boris Scherbinkin & Vasily Kashnikov. “[A] surreal adventure game with unique visual style, mysterious atmosphere and a stunning music score. [The g]ame is inspired by creepy post-soviet playgrounds. [The p]layer makes …
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Adventure Jam 2016: Nothing Can Stop Us

Screenshot of "Nothing Can Stop Us"
“Nothing Can Stop Us” by Daniele Giardini & Benjamin Burnes. “A short dialogue-based […] [g]ame about people, a hill, and old—but not necessarily good ol[d]—days.” “Nothing Can Stop Us” proves to be a game with an eye for detail, …
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Adventure Jam 2016: The Shortest Journey

Screenshot of "The Shortest Journey"
“The Shortest Journey” by Matthew John Frith & Paul Zimmermann. “A short, dialog[ue]-free point and click adventure game[.]” I for myself find the lack of verbal communication in adventure games always pretty interesting. It is just great to see …
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